Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st November 2013 Written Update

At rajpal nagar, urmi comes to the catering people and orders to give tea to all the ladies upstairs. Umang comes with tea and serves everyone. Umang will be searching for radha. Umang hears that radha is in the bedroom. He tries meeting her by giving tea to the ladies in the bedroom but couldnt talk to her. Koki & kinjal looks on suspiciously at umang. 

At the catering, kinjal comes with a tray and asks the person to send sweets upstairs. Kinjal while leaving looks umang's face in the oil and recognizes. She yells and calls for ahem, jigar & dhawal. All 3 come. Umang tries to run away. But ahem grabs him. All the family members rush downstairs. Ahem scolds umang for coming to the wedding area. While ahem hitting umang, radha rushes downstairs and asks ahem to leave him alone. Radha pushes away ahem from umang and hugs him. Gopi grabs radha and scolds her for supporting umang. Radha yells and tells everyone that she loves umang and wants to marry him. Ahem & jigar warns umang to leave from there. Radha will be yelling for umang not to leave. But gopi drags her into home. 

Madhu scolds radha for insulting them before everyone. Koki scolds that she has done everything intensionally and everyone was happy that dhinesh was ready to get married after knowing her love story. Gopi asks radha why she has acted before them that she wants to listen to them when she is still loving umang. And scolds radha for insulting dhinesh's family as well. Radha says she has no feelings with dhinesh's kangan than the diamond ring which umang's bhabi has given her. Its flashback, where umang explains radha at his place that he would convince the groom or he would sit in the place of groom in the mandap. Radha asks umang why he is doing so. Umang says, gopi will be stopping them if she comes to know this. Previously she has come in between ahem-anitha and now between them. Umang poisons radha's mind against gopi. Now present, radha yells at gopi that she is the main culprit to spoil people's lives like she has done with ahem and now with her life. Koki gets hyper and yells at radha to stop her non sense. Koki says, she and her family has forgiven radha only because of gopi but she has no love & respect for gopi. Gopi says radha that she wasnt interested in marrying her with dhinesh forcefully. But radha return yells at gopi that she told before that she loves umang and wants to marry him but no one has cared it. Madhu as well scolds radha to stop blaming gopi. Radha denies to get married to dhinesh. Finally gopi declares before radha that she should marry dhinesh to protect modi's, her family and dhinesh's family's respect.