Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 21st November 2013 Written Update

Priya upset and leaves kapoor mansion....Juhi-sid get married.

At kapoor mansion, Ram yells at juhi that priya was right that she is loving him and has done this intentionally. Though juhi tries to explain him, ram leaves from there. Juhi comes downstairs and says sid that she is ready to get married. Priya and ram will be thinking about their past happy moments and feel bad. 

Ram arrives sharma mansion, nats leaves them alone and walks out. Ram tries to convince priya that he had his reasons behind so he has hid this secret. Priya says she has handled all the situations after waking up from coma then how could he thought that she cant handle this marriage situation. Priya says ram has broken their promise of faith and belief. Now there is no meaning of living together. Priya says ram that she isnt interested to go back to kapoor mansion with him. Ram says, if she isnt coming with him to kapoor mansion then he too wouldnt leave from there and would wait for her till she comes along. 

At kapoor mansion, juhi-sid marriage will be done. After taking everyone's wishes and blessings Juhi says that priya has learnt about the secret and got upset and left home. And ram has went to search for her. Sid asks why did she tell her. Juhi says she dint say it intentionally. Juhi says she thought ram has told everything. 

At sharma mansion, nats comes to ram who is waiting on stairs. Ram says priya is angry and isnt interested in coming with him now. Ram says he has some reasons behind it. So he couldnt help it but now priya is angry. Nats says he has to wait for long time now. Nats leaves. Sudhir comes there. Sudhir wonders and asks whats happening. Ram says priya has learnt about the secret that juhi and he was getting married. Sudhir says they all have done the mistake and they all should convince her now. Sudhir asks ram to come inside the house and wait for her but ram sweetly rejects it and says he would sleep in the car and would wait for priya till she is willing to talk to him. Sudhir as well leaves. 

Priya finds ram waiting in his car from the window. Sudhir and shipra comes inside. Sudhir-shipra thinks of convincing priya. Before they speak, priya asks nats that she wanna rest. While priya leaving, sudhir stops her. Priya says she felt upset when he(sudhir) dint speak to him after meeting her after 5 years of leaving to Dubai. Priya says he can feel the pain of betrayal now so he shouldnt ask her anything now. Priya leaves. Shipra explains sudhir that she is angry now and they should give her some time to cope up. 

Priya in nats room, will be upset about the betrayal. 

Pihu and sid request priya to come back home. But priya rejects.