Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 22 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd November 2013 Written Update

Radha elopes and gets married to umang. 

At rajpal nagar, radha will be ready as bride and will be tied up by a rope to a chair. Later, radha pushes off herself to a lamp and with the heat from the lamp, the rope gets melted. Radha unties herself. Pundit asks gopi to call the bride. Gopi & rashi go upstairs to bring radha. Radha ties the rope to the window and gets down from it. Gopi & rashi comes to the room and finds radha missing again. As its too late, hetal and koki will be worried. Gopi-rashi come back to mandap. Koki asks gopi about radha. After few minutes, rashi says that radha has eloped. Everyone get shocked. Dhinesh gets frustrated. Madhu blames urmi for not protecting radha properly. Urmi taunts madhu that her daughter has eloped though they have tied her to a chair. Koki asks ahem to call police. Dhinesh and his family blames jayanth for not knowing radha's will properly. Police arrive and even radha-umang. Gopi and madhu asks police to arrest umang. But radha defends umang saying he is her husband. Everyone will be shocked knowing they have married. Police scolds umang for eloping radha. Radha says police that she is a major and got married to him as they were in love. Police says modis that when the bride is a major, she can get married to anyone she wishes. Police leaves. Radha says she was in love with umang so she got married to him. Madhu tries slapping radha but umang grabs her hand. Umang says she cant slap his wife. Gopi yells at umang to leave madhu's hand but radha yells at gopi to respect to her husband. Umang leaves madhu. Madhu yells at radha for marrying umang. Dhinesh's family scolds madhu-jayanth for not having control on their daughter. Madhu-jayanth  and all apologizes dhinesh's family. 

Madhu says modis are umang's enemies so he trapped radha to get his revenge. Madhu blames modis why her daughter's life should get ruined in between them.