Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th November 2013 Written Update

At urmi's place, madhu comes to urmi-kinjal in kitchen and says she is leaving to modi bhawan. Urmi bad mouths madhu but kinjal defends her. 

Madhu reaches modi bhawan, All the ladies come out. Madhu-gopi cry and greet each other. Madhu apologizes koki for bad mouthing them regarding radha-umang. Koki asks madhu to leave this matter. Later, radha arrives modi bhawan in a very luxurious car and with a heavy jewelry on. All the ladies shock looking at radha. Radha says koki that she is a guest and she should invite her in. Koki replies that she isnt a family member now she isnt interested in her. But radha declines her words and enters in to the home. Koki scolds radha for coming in. Radha goes to madhu and asks for blessings. But madhu declines. Radha says everyone that she has come here to meet madhu as she knows that she'll be here only with gopi. Koki says she cant bad mouth gopi when she is infront on her. Radha gives gifts to modis. But all decline them. Gopi says radha that umang is using her. Radha defends umang that he is a good guy and he dint even touch her. In flashback, the lady comes into umang-radha's bedroom and says as radha's family dint accept him yet and they shouldnt think of mating. Umang promises his bhabi that he wouldnt touch her till modis accept him. Present, Radha says everyone that he is a good guy and leaves from there. 

Koki says she doesnt believe umang and he is planning some thing big this time. Savitha & her DIL come to modi bhawan and asks about radha. Savitha will be excited as radha looked luxurious. Savitha taunts koki that umang loved kinjal and married radha. Koki asks savitha not to bother them. The ladies leave. 

Rashi calls urmi and says about radha. Rashi says that umang is so rich and she was luxurious now. Urmi will be mouth opened. Urmi gets depressed. 

Gopi comes to koki's room. Gopi says she is worried about radha. Koki says she has some plan to prove umang's real intentions to radha but they need kinjal's help. 

Next day, radha and her bhabi will be having green tea and urmi comes there. Radha doesnt welcome her in but urmi comes in. Radha says urmi that she isnt believing her sweet love. Umang comes there and says urmi that he is very happy to see her. Urmi doubts how come umang is so sweet to her.