Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th November 2013 Written Update

Radha trying to defend umang and gain bunny points but fails. 

At umang's place, umang's bhabi and umang welcomes urmi well. Urmi gifts a laughing buddha as wedding gift to radha and says by keeping it at home, she can earn more money and gain happiness. 

At modi bhawan, rashi asks hetal about koki-gopi. So she replies that they both went to rajpal nagar to meet madhu. Rashi gets angry that they both together to her home but dint think to tell her a word. 

At rajpal nagar, kinjal and madhu wonders where urmi has gone and there comes koki and gopi. At rajpal nagar, urmi brings AC & washing machine. Madhu asks how she has bought them. Urmi says she got them as gift. Radha comes inside and says umang has gifted her. Madhu declines to accept the gifts. But urmi says its her house and she is willing to have them. Madhu tries to spoil the items but urmi stops her. Radha asks madhu to accept them. Umang comes there and apologizes them and asks them to accept the gifts. Kinjal asks urmi to decline them. But urmi taunts modis that they dont give any such gifts. Madhu asks urmi to decline them but urmi asks madhu to leave her house. But madhu says she cant push off them from home and she has no right to talk. Umang says he would take away the gifts if they are creating the problems but urmi says she would accept them. Umang & radha leaves. Madhu gets upset. Koki says its time now for them to show the true colors of umang to radha and asks for kinjal's help. 

Kinjal calls umang and says she was feeling that he has changed a lot and she wants to meet him. Umang asks whether she has forgiven him or not. Kinjal says yes she has. Kinjal says she wants to meet him so umang asks to come home. Kinjal hangs on the call and says koki that their plan has worked out. Urmi in her room, will be very happy about the gifts and remembers about rashi's call. Urmi calls rashi and says about the gifts which umang has given her. But rashi says umang isnt a good guy and asks not to believe him. Urmi says rashi that she hasnt brought any gifts though she has become modi's DIL. So she doesnt bother her words and hangs on.

At umang's place, umang asks his bhabi to take radha out so that he can meet kinjal. Radha comes there and bhabi says umang wishes to take her for a movie-dinner-shopping as she feels bored at home. Radha agrees happily and goes with her. Koki-madhu-gopi-kinjal arrive umang's place. They find radha going out with bhabi. Koki asks kinjal to act well. Kinjal walks in and umang welcomes her very happily. Kinjal says umang that she has something important to tell him. Gopi will be taking their video.