Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd December 2013 Written Update

At rajpal nagar, Madhu scolds urmi that she is acting well before umang to be in good books but madhu warns urmi to be careful if not she will reveal her truth to everyone. 

At modi bhawan, Gopi and ahem tells about radha's accident at umang's home. Koki gets worried and says the couple that they should hurry now and plan something before umang attacks radha again. 

At umang's place, yells out at umang that their plan has got failed and she is very much tired acting like umang's bhabi being his wife. Umang says that he has no other plans in his hand to get money from modis nor insult modis so he is thinking to get rid off radha forever. Umang's bhabi reminds umang that modis would first doubt them if anything happens to radha. Umang replies that he has a clear plan. Door bell rings and umang opens the door. Koki-ahem-gopi arrive. Koki asks why they were arguing inside. Umang tries to deny about it but koki says she heard everything about radha's accident. Umang invites them in. Koki invites umang and his bhabi to come to modi bhawan and stay for sometime there so that they can feel happy about radha's marital life. Umang agrees happily but his bhabi will be upset. Koki asks them to come right now but umang says they would come next day. The threesome leave. 

In car, gopi will be worried for radha but koki consoles gopi that umang is wishing to come to modi bhawan so he will be definitely come. When umang will be in modi bhawan, they can watch him all time. At umang's place, bhabi asks umang why is he is excited to go to modi bhawan. Umang says he was wishing to go to modi bhawan and now they have invited them so he has to go. Umang says he is planning to take away all modi's property. Radha comes downstairs for water. Umang and his bhabi gets worried that she has listened to their conversation but radha dint. Radha asks umang whether they can sleep together now as everyone has accepted their relation. But bhabi bumps into the conversation and says she needs rest so they cant be together. Radha gets upset. Bhabi leaves her in her room.

At urmi's place, urmi calls umang and warns them to be careful with koki and gopi as they are the people who doesnt like looking at someone happy. Madhu overhears this and scolds urmi to stay away from her daughters.