Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 3rd December 2013 Written Update

At kapoor mansion, pihu and suhani in a room, juhi comes there. Juhi gives a book to suhani and asks pihu why is she upset. Sammy comes there and apologizes pihu. Pihu will be still angry. Sammy picks up a flower and apologizes but pihu leaves from there. Juhi follows pihu and asks her to apologize sammy. Sammy and suhani in room, suhani asks sammy to go behind pihu and apologize. Pihu comes back again and says sorry to sammy. Sammy says he would start doing a job now. Later ram comes there. Ram asks sammy why he will be in his home all time. Pihu says sammy wants to work with him. Ram denies it. Priya walks from there. So ram says sammy that he wants to give him a second chance looking at priya. Ram asks sammy to make coffee for him. Sammy says he doesnt know but ram says he would approve him only if he makes coffee. So sammy rushes to make coffee. Pihu thanks ram. 

At kapoor mansion, lawyers, sid-juhi, priya-ram in hall. Ram says he has transferred all priya's shares to juhi's as she needs security regarding naina's custody. All the formalities will be done. Khush brings a new mobile number for priya. Ram tries to bribe khush with gym membership etc to give him her number but he denies to give. Later ram takes her number from her mobile number. Priya comes there and scolds ram for taking her new number. Priya scolds ram that she has changed it as he was irritating her with his messages.

Priya will be trying to collage pihu's pictures for her birthday. Khush comes there and tells he would help her but crashes the laptop. Priya angrily asks khush to get it repaired as soon as possible. Ram takes the laptop from khush and says he would repair it. Khush asks ram not to let priya to know about it. Ram insists rahul to repair it as early. Finally the laptop will be repaired. Priya thinks all her pictures have gone but ram says he has stored all the pictures in the hard drive so she need not worry about them. Priya feels touched about it and ram leaves from there as he gets a call.

All the kids will be planning for pihu's birthday and sammy will be missing suhani. Sammy finds pihu listening their conversation and opens the door suddenly. Pihu falls on ground so sammy takes her in his arms and places her on bed. Pihu will be having happy feeling and sammy will be upset.