Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th December 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki says she knows very well that tripti doesnt like heavy jewelry and they wouldnt force her to wear as well. Tripti gets pissed off as koki has disturbed in between before bha promises her to gift some jewelry. 

At rajpal nagar, dhawal gets ready to office. Kinjal insists him to say why is he angry but dhawal says he isnt interested to discuss those matters now. Urmi comes there and gives him lunch box and says not to neglect his health. 

The groom and his parents arrive modi bhawan. Koki explains them about tripti's previous life. Jignesh (groom) and his family likes his thoughts. Koki asks gopi to bring tripti downstairs but umang rushes upstairs. Umang goes to tripti's room where radha and tripti getting ready. Radha will be very excited about tripti's marriage. Umang sends radha downstairs and asks tripti not to talk anything bad. Tripti says she cant assure and both walks downstairs. The groom's family likes tripti a lot and confirm their will for marriage. Tripti get worried. Radha asks tripti whether she is agreeing for marriage. Tripti stands and says she cant marry. Everyone shocks. Koki very sweetly asks what happened and why is she rejecting. Umang defends that bhabi isnt prepared for the marriage yet. The groom's mother says she is happy that they got a very nice loving woman for their son. Koki says they would arrange engagement the very next day. Umang-tripti will be worried and others will be happy.

At rajpal nagar, madhu asks kinjal why is she so sad. Urmi comes there and says her husband doesnt believe in her wife so he is angry. Madhu scolds urmi not to taunt some one when they are in pain. Kinjal leaves and madhu scolds urmi to complete the work and not to disturb kinjal. 

Rashi will be muttering about koki-gopi and radha comes there. Radha taunts rashi that though she is worried about the work no one cares about her. radha takes a water bottle and leaves. rashi feels bad that no one in modi bhawan cares about her. Rashi calls urmi and explains about koki arranging marriage of tripti. Both decide to know whats the game koki-gopi playing behind tripti's marriage. 

Koki asks umang to get jewelry-clothes for tripti for her engagement. Tripti-umang denies to bring them from bank. Though tripti denies for jewelry koki insists to bring them. Umang-tripti will be discussing about the jewelry he should bring. Koki and gopi overhears that umang saying tripti that they would bring duplicate jewelry for engagement. Koki and gopi feels angry that umang has come to steal all their property. 

Next day, goldsmith and modis in the hall. Koki says umang-tripti to make their jewelry cleaned as in the evening tripti going to be wearing them. Umang rejects for it but modis insist to make them clean. So umang agrees. Koki sends radha to bring them from their room. Radha does.