Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th December 2013 Written Update

Radha says umang that they should re-marry tripti. Tripti comes there and says she cant remarry. Radha tries to convince her. Tripti yells at radha that if she is a burden for them then she would leave. Modis listen her yelling and rush into radha's room. Tripti says she cant re-marry because her husband is with her i.e his presence is still with her. Tripti leaves weeping. Umang follows tripti. Tripti goes to her room and cries. Umang comes to tripti's room, tripti blames umang that he might be planned about her marriage. Umang tries to defend himself but tripti starts scolding him for supporting radha. Tripti again warns umang that if he tries to leave her then she would reveal their true relationship to modis. Umang says tripti not to worry and says he would go and take care of the situation. 

Umang comes downstairs where everyone were waiting. Koki says tripti might hasnt agreed for the marriage. Umang thinks if he says no then koki might get doubt and says tripti has agreed for the marriage. Radha feels happy and koki-gopi shocked. Radha and tripti comes downstairs. All congrats tripti. Rashi says it might be difficult to find a right match for a widow. But koki says there are many guys who are open minded and will definitely marry a widow as well. Koki says she know a family who are so broad minded. 

Gopi will be worried that how can they bring a guy to marry tripti. Koki says they should face any situation now. Here tripti-umang will be arguing about the marriage. Where tripti says she cant remarry and she would reveal the truth. And umang defends himself that koki will doubt them if he denies it and he cant stop here and step back from his plan. Tripti gets worried that her life will be spoiled if she marries some other person. Koki assures gopi that they will succeed in this game. And the couple would definitely make some mistake and she is waiting for that. Umang says when everyone are busy in the marriage time, they would take all the gold and money and elope. Umang again says now he would plan high and teach a lesson to kinjal as well. 

Next day, at rajpal nagar, kinjal wakes up and finds dhawal isnt beside her. She comes out and finds him sleeping on sofa. Kinjal wakes him up and urmi comes there. Urmi taunts whether kinjal has thrown him away. Dhawal says he was working late night and slept there itself. 

At modi bhawan, all the ladies at dinning table, koki informs everyone that the groom's family will be coming in the evening. Rashi and radha will be very excited. Rashi asks koki for the details. Koki says seriously not to involve in tripti's matter. Rashi leaves angrily. Umang comes there. Koki says the groom's family is visiting in the evening and they want to finish up the marriage as early as possible. Tripti gets worried and leaves. Later, rashi asks koki again about the groom's details but koki once again changes the topic and leaves. Radha will be excited about tripti's marriage. Tripti acts innocent and says she has no jewelry to wear. So radha says she would give all her jewelry. But tripti rejects. Koki says tripti not to worry about it.