Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th December 2013 Written Update

Neha-vikram-priya-ram at shregill's place. Neha says sorry about sammy's behavior to priya. Priya says their friendship will never change with sammy's decision.

Pari-mayara call sammy who was passing by and asks whether he was following pihu. Sammy wonders what pihu was doing there. Sammy learns that pihu had gone to washroom so he rushes there as suhani as well went there. There he over hears pihu-suhani's conversation where pihu will be insisting suhani to say with whom she has come there. But suhani cleverly says that she would reveal the person's name once she sort outs her problems. After suhani leaves, pihu will be thinking about who was that guy and guesses it may be khush and decides to warn him. 

Sammy tries stopping suhani but she walks off. It will be raining and sammy stops her in rain and asks her to look in to her eyes and find love for her. Suhani looks into his eyes and hugs him. Priya-ram will be in car and priya asks to stop the car to get drenched in rain. Ram stop the car near to suhani-sammy were hugging. Priya-ram find them as a couple but doesnt recognize them. Priya says ram that he has got older and lost interest in romance. Ram drags her into the car and takes her away home. 

Pihu comes back to pari-mayara and says she isnt feeling well and she wants to leave. Suhani leaves from there. Pihu meets sammy and yells why he was ignoring her calls and whether he was loving him or not. Finally sammy says he doesnt love her and there some one else he loves. Pihu asks when he doesnt love her then why did he say he loves her and why did he gift a ring to her. Sammy recalls and says it was a misunderstanding and his gift (bracelet) and ram's gift (ring) have got exchanged. Pihu doesnt agree. So sammy says he loves some one else. Pihu gets upset and leaves from there. Pihu will be recalling sammy's words and crying. She hits to a tree.