Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2013 Written Update

Pictures Updated !!

At modi bhawan, koki asks radha why she has denied to do pooja with umang. Radha says her bhabi was upset on that so she couldnt hurt her more. So rejected it. Koki appreciates radha for taking care of her husband's family as gopi does. But radha declines to accept that she is like gopi and she is inspired by her bhabi tripti but not her sister gopi. Gopi gets hurt for these words.

At rajpal nagar, urmi will be sleeping. Jitthu tries to wake her up but she doesnt. Jitthu opens the wardrobe and will be searching for his some kurtha but he finds some money. Jitthu doubts and asks about them. Urmi wakes up and says they are hers. Kinjal-dhawal-madhu comes there. Madhu says she is paying urmi as she was taunting them all time. Jitthu gets angry and says madhu there is no need to pay him to stay in his place. Jitthu asks urmi to give away the money but urmi rejects. Madhu forces urmi and takes away the money.

At modi bhawan, koki and gopi will be discussing about their next plan against umang. Rashi will be trying to over hear their conversation but koki finds her and chases her away. Rashi feels bad that she is again chased away and decides to know about their secrets. 

Umang comes to their room and says they should give some gift to madhu-jayanth. Radha will be happy. Umang asks radha to take gifts and give them in rajpal nagar. But radha says she would take care of tripti and he should give gifts to her parents in-person. Umang agrees and leaves happily. 

Radha comes to kitchen. Koki asks radha to forgive gopi. Koki says radha that she should convince tripti-umang so that tripti remarries. Radha doubts whether tripti agrees or not. Koki convinces radha saying that by getting tripti remarried even umang-radha can be happy. So radha agrees. 

Dhawal will be ignoring kinjal since morning so Kinjal tries calling him. But dhawal disconnects. Later urmi calls dhawal and asks whether he had his lunch or not. Dhawal talk to her and hangs on. Kinjal and urmi will be arguing that dhawal is angry with kinjal. Umang goes to rajpal nagar. Umang hears their conversation and feels happy that his plan has worked out. Umang gives a saree to madhu and leaves. 

Umang comes back to modi bhawan. So radha tries to explain umang about re-marriage of tripti. Umang shocks. 

Tripti yells at everyone that she cannot remarry as her husband is with her.