Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 16 December 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki-tripti-gopi in koki's room. Koki says tripti that after accepting umang-radha's relation they dint arrange a first night for them so they should do that. Tripti shocks. Koki asks tripti to help them to arrange the room. Tripti agrees angrily. Rashi over hears this and doubts that koki doesnt behave so and she should find the reason behind it. 

At rajpal nagar, urmi prepares kichidi but madhu scolds her for not preparing curry along with it. Urmi scolds madhu that she doesnt do any work but will be demanding her. Jitthu defends madhu. And jayanth says the ladies to share work among them so that they need not complain on each other. 

At modi bhawan, kinjal-dhawal leaves. Koki comes to kitchen and asks tripti to send umang-radha in to their specially decorated room. Tripti agrees and comes out. Tripti calls radha to go to her room. The couple comes along with tripti-koki into the room. Radha feels happy and thanks tripti. Tripti comes out angrily. Koki-gopi also leaves. Tripti comes to her room and will be in hyper. Gopi will be worried for radha but koki consoles her and says tripti is much worried about umang-radha's mating so they need not worry about radha. Tripti sends a text msg to umang that he should come to her room in 5mins if not she would reveal their truth before koki. Umang reads the msg. Radha goes to washroom to change her clothes. Umang comes out and koki-gopi hides aside. Koki sends gopi to radha's room. Gopi goes to radha's room and says tripti is calling her. Umang goes to tripti's room and she will be holding a knife to kill radha. Umang stops her. Umang says she should be patient. Tripti will be hyper and says she would kill him and radha as well. Tripti asks umang to promise her that radha will not come in between them. Umang promises and hugs her. Radha comes there and finds umang-tripti hugging each other. Radha shocks. 

Umang finds radha and leaves tripti. Umang says radha that tripti was missing her husband and wants to kill herself so he came to console her. Gopi comes inside and says radha that the couple are cheating her. Gopi will be about to say the relation of tripti-umang but radha yells to stop it. Radha again yells at gopi that she is again trying to depart them. Radha says they would leave modi bhawan right now. Koki asks radha to forgive gopi and requests her to stay back. Later umang as well explains radha to stay back in modi bhawan if not gopi might be feeling bad. So radha agrees to stay back.

Next day, koki asks radha to do pooja with umang as its ekadashi. But radha denies to do it.

Koki says radha that gopi has suggested to re-marry tripti.