Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th December 2013 Written Update

Pictures Updated 

At modi bhawan, Gopi takes radha to her room and tripti finds them walking away and happily walks towards umang's room but koki confronts her. Koki asks tripti whether she can sleep with her in her room as parag isnt feeling well and she too can get effected to it. Tripti unwillingly agrees. Koki and gopi give a happy look to each other from the doors. 

At rajpal nagar, all will be having breakfast, urmi-kinjal argue about the chori which urmi has done. Dhawal tries to console both. Finally Dhawal says urmi-kinjal that both shouldnt touch each others things and shouldnt fight on any matter. Dhawal asks them to promise him but both leave angrily.

At modi bhawan, Gopi will be worried and prays before khana ji to help them to prove the cruel umang's plan. Koki comes there and assures gopi that they will do anything to prove umang-tripti's relation before radha and save her. 

In the open area, umang and tripti meet. Tripti says umang that she isnt comfortable with this plan. Umang says not to spoil their plan now. And why is she getting scared where she hasnt felt before when they were cheating other people (They mean they have cheated lots of people before). Tripti says she is afraid about koki. Koki comes there and asks to come inside for breakfast. Savitha comes there and invites modis for sizzlers party. After savitha leaves, tripti will be very excited about the party and says she has already attended many sizzler parties and people love her sizzlers. So koki says they would throw a party in the evening and tripti can make the sizzlers for everyone. Tripti gets upset about it. Hetal says they should invite kinjal as well as she likes parties.

Urmi thinks as her radha plans have got flopped and kinjal is angry with her then she should console rashi now. Urmi calls rashi and tries to console her. Urmi says she has stolen the nighty and gifted it to radha but she has returned it back. Rashi says she deserves it and hangs on the call.

At modi bhawan dining table, tripti sits beside umang but gopi asks tripti to sit beside her. And koki asks radha to sit beside umang. Tripti will be upset looking them together. Koki asks umang to feed radha. Tripti and umang gets shocked. Umang feeds radha when koki insists. Tripti hits umang with her leg while umang feeding radha. Radha as well feeds umang. Tripti feels jealous and leaves from there saying she isnt having appetite. Koki-gopi feels happy. Rashi in her room will be upset, so jigar consoles her. Rashi thinks she should find out what koki-gopi are planning about radha. Hetal calls kinjal and invites for the sizzlers party. Hetal finds kinjal a bit upset. Kinjal leaves to modi bhawan saying madhu that she isnt feeling in a good mood in their house. Kinjal leaves. Urmi comes there and asks for kinjal to madhu. Madhu-urmi argue for a while.

Gopi says ahem about tripti-umang relation. Ahem shocks. Ahem consoles gopi that koki will think of some plan and help radha from umang. Koki-gopi find umang trying to pacify tripti as she is angry. Koki sends radha into kitchen to prepare juice for tripti as she hasnt eaten anything in the breakfast. Here umang promises tripti that he would feed her and radha comes there and asks whats that promise.