Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Bade achhe lagte hain 10th December 2013 Written update

At kapoor mansion, neha asks sammy why he isnt interested in marriage? But sammy leaves from there without replying. Pihu gets upset and rushes to her room. Priya-ram-vikram-neha follow her. Pihu locks herself in the room and will be weeping. Outside the door all the 4 try to console her. And finally pihu opens the door. Neha-vikram assures pihu that they would talk to sammy and would convince him for marriage. Kapoor family feels happy. In suhani's room, suhani feels happy that she has done nothing wrong with sammy and sammy is the one who she loves.

Shergils come back to their home. Neha will be angry on sammy for rejecting to marry pihu. Cady and ridhima explains neha that they would handle this and they should go in a cool way to convince sammy. Neha agrees. Later, cady & ridhima go to sammy's room and explain him about the importance of friendship and how he should take it to next level. But sammy says them that if they speak about marriage then he would leave the house. So cady & ridhima leave from there. 

Vikram and neha will be upset that their kids marital life isnt good because of their own marital life. As they used to fight all time and this has effected their lives as well. But vikram explains neha that it isnt right. But vikram thinks of himself that the reason shouldnt be that. Here in kapoor mansion, ram-priya will be upset for pihu and thinks of sleeping with pihu as she needs some support which they used to give when she was a kid. Later, Pihu wakes up and feels if sammy was joking with her then she would take revenge on him. Suhani and sammy will be thinking of each other and they both miss each other. Sammy-pihu-suhani will be recalling their sweet moments. 

At kapoor mansion, ram comes to priya and asks whether she has forgiven him yet or not. Priya says yes. Ram asks why she isnt keeping sindoor now. Priya wonders that he has noticed it. Priya says ram that he should demand her but ram says he was afraid to talk to her. Priya smiles and takes sindoor box and asks to keep it. Ram asks priya to promise him that though they fight she shouldnt be a day she doesnt wear sindoor. Priya says ok and ram keeps sindoor.

Priya asks ram to delay pihu's marriage as she is still 22 years and they should be sure whether sammy loves pihu or not. Ram asks priya not to confuse him now.