Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Saath nibhana saathiya 10th December 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Koki and gopi searches for any clue in tripti's roomnow they  find the actual  and finds a mangalsutra in tripti's bag. They calmly takes it and leaves from there. Koki says gopi that now they can find out the actual truth of umang. 

Tripti goes to radha's room and finds radha trying the nighty which urmi has gifted her. Tripti gets angry that radha is always trying to seduce umang. Tripti walks in and says not to wear this type of clothes before umang as he can get upset. And he has loved her looking at her traditional look only. Tripti asks who has given that. Radha says urmi. Tripti says how can urmi give such a gift when she knows very well about umang. Radha says she would give back the gift. 

Radha goes to rajpal nagar and throws the nighty to urmi and says she has given that gift to create rifts between her-umang. Kinjal-dhawal comes there. Kinjal says dhawal that she has guessed that urmi has stolen the nighty. Radha scolds urmi that she has stolen the nighty and gifted to her. Kinjal as well scolds urmi. But dhawal says kinjal that she should apologize to urmi as she is an elder to her. Kinjal angrily says sorry and leaves. 

At modi bhawan, koki finds tripti coming downstairs and throws her mangalsutra on floor and leaves from there. Tripti comes down. She asks koki that she would help them but koki rejects as she is their guest. So tripti goes and sits on sofa in hall. She finds the mangalsutra on floor and wonders how it has come here. Koki and gopi will be observing tripti secretly. Tripti slowly walks near the mangalsutra and umang as well finds the mangalsutra and feels happy. Umang holds it. 

Koki and gopi comes there and asks who's that mangalsutra. Umang says he has bought it for radha. Koki asks why its so old fashioned. Umang says he liked it and bought it. Radha as well comes there. Koki says radha that umang has brought a beautiful gift for her. Umang shows the mangalsutra to radha. Tripti will be getting hyper looking umang-radha. Koki and gopi insists umang to make it wear to radha by himself. Tripti gets hyper and says everyone that she is feeling uncomfortable here so she would have some fresh air in the garden. Tripti leaves from there. Radha very happily says umang that she would never take off from her. Tripti in the open area, umang comes there. Umang apologizes tripti but tripti warns umang to bring her mangalsutra now. Tripti says she would go to modis and reveal the truth. But umang tries to cool down her and says not to forget their plan. Tripti says he should bring the mangalsutra by evening. Umang says tripti that he would bring it back.

Koki-gopi wonders how can umang say that he has bought the mangalsutra for radha when they have found it in tripti's suitcase. 

Koki-gopi finds umang tieing mangalsutra to tripti.