Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 9 December 2013

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th December 2013 Written Update

At kapoor mansion, suhani gets upset looking at pihu-sammy together. Suhani wonders why is so sad when she sees pihu-sammy together. Khush comes there and asks whether he was the reason behind her sadness. Suhani sweetly denies him and leaves. Pihu will be searching for sammy and ram meets her and asks whether she liked the party or not. Pihu says she loved it and she demands a gift from him. Pihu asks for sammy as her life partner. Ram agrees. Later ram goes to vikram and says he is serious about sammy-pihu's wedding which they used to talk when they were kids. Priya says they should talk to neha before.

Suhani goes to her room and starts packing her things. Sammy yells outside the door to open the door and talk to him. Suhani opens the door and sammy pushes her on bed. Sammy taunts suhani about dancing with khush. Suhani taunts sammy about dancing with pihu. Sammy says he had special feelings for her. Suhani slaps sammy. Sammy holds her hand and after few moments they kiss.

Here in the party, cady picks neha at the airport and vikram calls cady and tells the good news about the approval he has given for sammy-pihu's wedding. Ram says neha that though he doesnt like sammy he has agreed for pihu. Pihu will be damn happy about her wedding. Priya smiles. Pihu says sorry to priya and also thanks her for helping about her wedding. All will be very happy.

In the car, cady and riddhima tells neha about sammy-pihu's wedding and neha feels very happy that they and ram's family will be a big family now. Neha comes home and happily congratulates ram-priya about the kids wedding. Pihu will be forced to call sammy by the elders but sammy doesnt take the call. Sammy finds pihu calling him and wonders. Sammy recalls his sweet night spent with suhani and thanks pihu. 

Sammy comes back to the elders. Everyone starts praising sammy for choosing pihu. Vikram-neha says that sammy-pihu will be married very soon. Sammy shocks and yells at everyone that he dont want to marry before he gets settled in his career and life. Pihu gets upset.