Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 9 December 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th December 2013 Written Update

Koki & gopi reach modi bhawan, umang & tripti will be having fun together. Umang places tripti on bed and will be grabbing her foot, koki-gopi comes inside. Umang realizes them and asks tripti about her pain. Both act as if umang is checking her pain. Koki remembers that she had pain on left leg but tripti was grabbing right leg. Koki says they have come for something and leaves from there. Umang-tripti thinks of being careful before koki-gopi. Later, gopi feels bad that they dint get any hint about umang's plan. Koki explains gopi that umang was massaging tipti's right leg but she was hurt on left leg. So this concludes that umang and tripti are helping eachother. So they need to watch both. At rajpal nagar, kinjal will be worried why her earring was in urmi's room and dhawal says as the house is so small that things may be gone into other room easily. But kinjal doesnt get convinced. 

In radha's room, radha says tripti to sleep in their room itself till she is fine. Tripti says she is happy that she is very caring for her. Both sleep. Rashi calls urmi and scolds her for changing her behavior. But urmi says not to bother her as rashi dint listen to her when modis have convinced her to go to modi bhawan. Urmi hangs on. Molu cries and jigar comes there. Jigar pacifies him and asks why rashi is in bad mood. Jigar says rashi-urmi as dhuryodhan-shakuni jodi. So rashi smiles.

Gopi finds tripti's is open and goes inside. Gopi finds tripti missing in her room and checks bathroom. Gopi gets worried and thinks of asking umang. Gopi walks to umang's room. Umang-tripti will be awake and finds someone is near the door. Gopi thinks not to wake umang in the late night and leaves. Umang-tripti opens the door and finds gopi knocking koki's room. Koki opens the door and gopi says tripti isnt in her room. So koki-gopi goes to her room. But for a shock, tripti will be reading a book. Tripti finds them and asks why they are here. Gopi says she has searched everywhere but she dint find her. Gopi says insistingly that she dint find her but koki stops her. Koki say gopi wants to check her as her leg is hurt. Koki-gopi leave. While closing door koki finds tripti smiling for herself. Koki says tripti was acting now. 

Tripti rushes to umang's room and asks him where did he sleep after she has left. Umang says he slept on floor and leaves. Tripti as well leaves but dashes koki outside the room. Koki warns tripti that a elder alone lady shouldnt walk into a newly wed couple's room repeatedly. Ahem leaves to some 1day tour. Tripti comes downstairs. Gopi says they have called a lady who massages bha's legs so they thought of having tripti's legs get massage as well. Koki takes tripti to bha's room. Meena starts messaging tripti's leg.

Koki and gopi start searching for any clue in tripti's room.

Gopi and koki find a mangalsutra in tripti's bag.