Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 6 December 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th December 2013 Written Update

Urmi gifts kinjal's nighty to radha to gain browny points. Tripthi convinces modis to go to ambe maa's temple with the newly wed couple so that she can spend some time with umang.

At modi bhawan, urmi will be trying to pacify radha but she walks off from there. But urmi stops her and says she has brought a gift for her. In umang's room, Tripthi comes into umang's room and closes the door. Umang scolds tripthi to be careful. Tripthi warns umang to be far away from radha if not she would reveal their relation truth before modis. Umang gets worried and tries to pacify her saying that after getting all modis property then they would leave radha and run away. Tripthi says she wants to spend the whole day with him. Here urmi gives the pink nighty and says to wear it before umang so that he gets lattu for her. Radha feels happy, thanks her and leaves. Rashi comes to urmi and asks why she is showering all her love on radha. Urmi denies her question and leaves calmly. Rashi remains wondering about urmi's behavior. 

Radha goes to her room and knocks. Umang opens the door and radha asks why he has closed the door. Umang says he was changing and says he has some work so he would leave. Radha checks her nighty and feels happy that umang couldnt control himself after seeing her in this nighty. But tripthi who was hiding under the bed thinks that she wouldnt let this happen. 

At rajpal nagar, kinjal finds her jhumki in urmi's room. Kinjal asks urmi about why the earring was in her room. Unknown urmi says she doesnt know about it and leaves from there.

At modi bhawan, all gathered near mandir, tripthi says everyone that she has taken a mannath that she would bring the couple to ambe maa's temple. Koki doubts and asks tripthi that they got married long back then why to go to temple so suddenly. Tripthi gives a clever reply that umang-radha have become a true couple after radha's family has accepted them so she thought to take them now. Koki agrees and says they all would go to temple. 

Later, trithi willingly slips and falls off from the stairs. Koki & gopi find tripthi has done willingly. Tripthi asks radha not to wait behind for her. Umang says he would wait for her. But koki declines for her wish as the couple need to do pooja together. So everyone leave. Umang says he & radha would come in another car. In the car, umang gets a message from tripti not to dare enjoy his time with radha and if he cheats her then she would reveal his truth. Umang starts acting that he will be cursing about himself that he is very bad that he couldnt take care of his bhabi properly. Finally radha understands his situation and asks him to leave to modi bhawan and she would take care of pooja alone. Radha leaves in auto and umang comes back to modi bhawan. 

At the temple, koki wonders why radha has come alone in auto. Radha says umang was feeling bad that he isnt taking care of his bhabi well so she has sent him back home. Koki finds rashi has forgot to bring chunari for pooja. So koki-gopi thinks of going to home and bring the chunari. Koki and gopi feels that ambe maa is helping them to know the truth by going home. 

Koki-gopi finds umang placing tripti on bed and shocks.