Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th December 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, tripthi follows mira into ahem's room and takes her saying that she isnt feeling sleepy so she wants to play with mira. Tripthi takes mira into her room where umang is also present. Tripthi scares mira showing a open cupboard that there is a ghost inside it and she would give away to it if she says anything to her parents. Mira gets scared and starts crying. Gopi comes to tripthi's room and takes mira into her hands. Umang hides behind the door. Tripthi covers umang who is behind the door by standing beside the door while gopi is leaving. Gopi feels suspicious about her behavior. 

In radha's room, urmi calls on tripthi's mobile which is in the room. Radha takes the call and warns urmi not to behave sweetly with tripthi to gain some amount from her. Urmi hangs on the call and thinks of pacifying radha first.

Umang comes to radha's room. Radha says umang that they should start living together as her family has accepted their relation now. So umang tries kissing radha but tripthi comes there and the couple feels disturbed. The angry tripthi gives a angry look at umang. Tripthi says she is feeling tensed to sleep alone in her room as its a new place. After a discussion of who should sleep on floor and who should sleep on floor, finally the threesome decide that radha-tripthi should sleep on bed and umang on floor. Tripthi feels happy about it. 

At rajpal nagar, kinjal-dhawal will be near the cupboard. Dhawal finds one of kinjal's nighty and says she looks very cute in that nighty. Kinjal says its a costly nighty and as of now elders are staying in their house she couldnt wear it. Kinjal keeps the nighty inside the cupboard. Urmi will be watching them and thinks of using this nighty for her use. Later, urmi steals the nighty along with a jumka hanged on it. Urmi takes the nighty and keeps inside her cupboard but the jhumka falls on ground which she doesnt look at.

Next day morning, umang wakes up and will be looking himself in the mirror. Tripthi as well wakes up and hugs him from behind. But umang scolds her to control herself for few more days till there plan is successful and later they can have a happy and rich life. In the kitchen, koki and gopi wonders where tripthi has gone in this early morning as she is missing in her room nor in the house. Koki asks gopi to check. Gopi comes there with tea and knocks the door. Umang pushes tripthi away and radha wakes up. Tripthi hides behind the bed. Radha opens the door. Gopi checks the whole room. Gopi asks radha about tripthi. Umang replies that she might have gone for walking in the garden. Gopi leaves. Tripthi comes out and says she will go to her room now. Gopi will be going downstairs and finds tripthi coming out from radha's room. Gopi doubts she dint find her when she was in the room and now how come is out from the same room and umang has told that she will be walking in the garden. 

At dining table, all ladies along with the guests will be ready to have breakfast. Gopi brings mira to feed her but mira will be scared looking at trithi. Urmi comes there and koki taunts how come she is home in this early morning. Urmi walks to radha and says she has come for radha. Rashi remains shocked. 

In temple, koki asks radha about umang. Radha says tripthi's leg got sprained so umang had gone to modi bhawan to look after her. Koki wonders.