Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 20 December 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th December 2013 Written Update

:) At modi bhawan, the blacksmith says its a pure gold jewelry. Koki and tripti wonder. Blacksmith cleans them. When umang was taking them koki stops him and asks him to give them gopi. Umang gives away. Gopi takes them into her and checks and thinks they are the real gold ones. 

At rajpal nagar, kinjal asks jitthu for a mosquito coil, urmi comes there and taunts why she needs everything when she sleeps alone. Kinjal-urmi starts arguing about their marital relations. Dhawal comes there and hears this conversation and gets hurt. Dhawal says kinjal that he is very much disappointed about her as she is pointing out his urmi-jittu's relationship. Umang comes there and everyone become silent. Umang feels happy looking kinjal worried. Umang invites everyone for tripti's engagement. Umang says they all are so close to his heart, looking at kinjal. Dhawal finds this and says he cant attend. Umang asks kinjal to attend the function compulsory. Kinjal remains speechless. Umang insists everyone to attend and leaves.

Umang comes back to modi bhawan. Tripti who was been waiting for him asks him how and why he has changed the duplicate jewelry into gold ones. Umang finds koki-gopi listening them. Gopi takes tripti into her room to get ready. Later, hetal comes to rashi and says to take care of preparations well in the engagement. Rashi gets pissed off as everyone are discussing secrets with gopi and giving her orders to work. Rashi tries asking koki about the groom details but will be unsuccessful.

At rajpal nagar, dhawal comes home. Kinjal tries to pacify him and asks to select one dress to wear for the party. Dhawal remains uninterested. Urmi comes there and taunts kinjal why is she so interested in getting ready when dhawal isnt attending the party. Dhawal gets upset.

At modi bhawan, all ladies and groom family arrive to modi bhawan. The groom's mother says umang has bought so many jewelry for his bhabi. Umang sends a text message to dhawal that kinjal is happy but she is missing him. Before engagement starts kinjal keeps her cell on dining table and comes back to the party. Dhawal tries calling her but umang who goes near the dining cuts the call and deletes from the call log. Engagement finishes. Koki gives the jewelry to groom's family and says they would finish up the marriage as early as possible. So pundit checks the date and says after 3 days there is a good muhurth for marriage. Tripti gets worried.