Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 23 December 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd December 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, tripti requests everyone that she wants a simple marriage. Koki agrees. Everyone leaves. Later, koki and gopi will be wondering why umang has given away the gold jewelry to someone else so easily. Koki doubts umang has planned some thing big. 

Tripti comes into her room and will be crying, umang comes there. Tripti will be angry at him that he has given all her jewelry to some one else. Here koki gets a call from the groom's mother and she tells koki that umang - tripti are very clever and they gave duplicate jewelry to them. Here umang takes out tripti's real golden jewelry and shows them. Umang says he dint give her gold jewelry to the family. Tripti feels happy. Gopi doubts how could they exchange them. Umang tells tripti that he has seen koki-gopi listening to their conversation. So he gave the gold jewelry for cleaning. Later when gopi was keeping the jewelry inside the wardrobe he had pinched mira who was playing outside and gopi comes out. That time he had exchanged the jewelry. Umang leaves from tripti's room. Gopi will be angry and says she would go and reveal all the truth. But koki drags gopi to her room. Rashi finds them and tries over hearing them. Gopi will be hyper that umang is unbelievable.

Koki says they should think of some plan in a cool way. Rashi will be over hearing them from the window from other room. Koki finds some one peeing into their discussion and shows gopi that some one hearing them. Koki catches rashi red-handed. Koki takes rashi to talk personally. Gopi - koki - rashi come into koki's room. Gopi says rashi about the whole story about umang. Rashi remains shocked. Koki says rashi that they need her help. Rashi says she is depressed that she dint say anything till now. Koki warns rashi not to say anything to urmi. Rashi says gopi not to worry about umang now.

At rajpal nagar, dhawal in his room thinking about umang's words about kinjal. Dhawal is very depressed about kinjal. Kinjal will be banging the door and requests dhawal to tell her mistake. Dhawal - kinjal remains crying. 

At modi bhawan, rashi in her room thinking that she should use umang - tripti to get into good books of koki. Rashi gets some plan and rushes into koki's room. Rashi tells koki to call jignesh as she has some plan. 

At rajpal nagar, urmi finds kinjal sleeping near her door and wakes her up. Urmi doubts that dhawal has kicked her off from their room. Kinjal requests urmi not to hurt more. Madhu comes there and asks why they are fighting. Dhawal comes there and says urmi that he is leaving early and will be late in the evening. 

Rashi - koki - rashi - jignesh in the garden area. Rashi explains their plan to jignesh. Koki praises rashi for her cruel plans. Rashi takes it as a compliment.