Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 23 December 2013

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd December 2013 Written Update

At kapoor mansion, ram cancels all his meetings to stay beside pihu. But priya asks him to go to office. Ram rejects and says he wants to prove himself as a good dad before pihu. Priya says he cant win and he looks cute in this tensioned way. Ram and smile.

At shergill's mansion, sammy admits to cady that he loves suhani. Cady scolds sammy that he should have told her before and now two families have got entangled in this situation. Cady will be worried that ram may get hyper on sammy but sammy doesnt agree to get convinced to forget suhani as he love her. Cady feels sorry for rahul and vikram as she cant share this matter with anyone. 

At kapoor mansion, suhani will be recalling priya's words that to treat her as her mother and share anything in her life. Suhani feels guilty that she has hid the truth of pihu's accident from ram - priya. She blames herself that the obsession of pihu and her accident is because of her and she cant take more now. Here, sid comes to ram and informs that pihu is fine now. Ram asks mayra what happened on that day. Mayra says they were in the restaurant and sammy has come and later pihu went behind sammy and then pihu met with an accident. Ram doubts that sammy has lied to him. Priya says ram that right now they should think about pihu's helath. Nurse tells everyone that pihu has come into her senses. Suhani thinks of stop her relation right from that moment but sammy says not to do that and he will admit his love before everyone. 

Pihu starts crying after waking up. All come there. Ram insists pihu to say who was responsible for her accident. Finally pihu says sammy was responsible for her accident. Ram starts showing his hyperness on sammy then pihu again defends sammy that he wasnt responsible for the accident. Pihu asks everyone that she wants to talk to sammy alone. But ram rejects to it. He asks them to talk before everyone but priya says ram to give some space for the kids. Sammy closes the door and apologizes to pihu. But pihu denies to him and asks him to leave that girl. Sammy couldnt pacify her. Here in the downstairs, suhani asks priya about pihu and says she is fine now. Priya says the couple are talking.