Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd January 2014 Written Update

At police station, Rashi calls madhu and asks to bring some thing without saying about it to koki. Ahem comes there and asks her to leave but rashi says she would stay there. At rajpal nagar, madhu goes out so urmi thinks of finishing her work now and leaves. At modi bhawan, koki will be leaving with jigar to police station, radha & tripti comes there. Radha says everyone that she and tripti wanna take revenge on everyone by staying in modi bhawan as gopi has killed her husband. Koki agrees them to live in modi bhawan. Jigar will be worried but koki assures him that she is doing this with some plan. Madhu comes to police station. Madhu takes out a medicine and rashi mixes it in the curry.

Rashi and madhu in police station, rashi says the constable that gopi doesnt eat outside food on tuesday so they brought food for her. The lady agrees. Ahem feeds gopi and later asks her to take rest. Rashi and madhu will be worried as the medicine isnt having any reaction. After few minutes gopi starts having fits. Rashi asks the inspector to send gopi to hospital. They agree and take her to hospital. 

Urmi comes to modi bhawan and inquires about koki and others. Urmi thinks of finishing her work as koki isnt at home. Koki - jigar reaches police station and finds gopi missing in the jail. The police inspector tells koki that she was taken to a hospital as she was suffering with fits. At the hospital, doc treats gopi and says she will be normal in sometime. Koki comes there. Rashi calls doc outside and requests him to talk to gopi's personal doc joshi. Doc joshi says the doc on phone that she should be kept at home for better improvement. Police say modis that they can take gopi home but under police watching her.

At modi bhawan, urmi tries to go upstairs and take her jhumka but nani stops her. All reach home along with gopi and police. Ahem takes gopi to their room. Urmi as well goes upstairs and finds umang's room locked and sealed. Koki and inspector come there and asks why is she here? Urmi says she hasnt touched the lock. And inspector asks her no one should try to open the room.

Later inspector leaves modi bhawan with one constable there. Koki scolds rashi for giving fits medicine to gopi. Madhu admits before koki that she too was involved in that. Koki scolds rashi not to do as her wish with gopi. All the ladies while leaving the room find radha outside and remains shocked. 

Madhu finds urmi hiding a jhumka in a flower pot and informs about it to koki.