Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd January 2014 Written Update

Early morning, at kapoor mansion, priya gets a call from vikram. Vikram will be worried and tells that sammy hasnt come home yet and he was waiting for him since night. Ram - priya get worried but pacifies vikram that he will be fine. After hanging the call, mayra comes there and tells them that sammy has come. Both rush downstairs. Their they find sammy drunken state and pihu, khush and suhani beside him. Sammy tells ram - priya that his friends have forced him to drink. 

Later pihu finds sammy's hand is bleeding. Suhani recalls sammy breaking a bottle on his hand. Suhani will be worried for him but she holds back. Priya asks suhani to do the first aid. Suhani will be tensed as pihu will be giving tough looks at her. Finally pihu moves as priya insists her to allow suhani to first aid as she is a doc. Suhani with a depressed heart does the first aid. Priya - ram leaves asking sammy to take rest. Ram calls vikram and informs sammy is in kapoor mansion and he is drunk. 

Ram asks vikram to finish off pihu - sammy's engagement as early as possible. Vikram as well agrees. Ram asks vikram to come down to kapoor mansion to set an engagement date. Pihu brings orange juice for sammy, sammy acts before suhani as he says pihu that he has taken a right decision to marry her. Suhani leaves from there. Later, suhani finds sammy and asks khush to book tickets for a night show for them. Khush agrees. Sammy gets hyper. 

Ram - priya - vikram will be discussing about the engagement. Ram says at least 1000 guests will be attending. Later he cuts down to 300 as priya says its just an engagement. Pundit gives 9th jan for engagement. Ram books a marriage hall. But he feels its cheaper to buy one marriage hall than to take for a rent. Priya gets pissed off and leaves. 

Later priya scolds ram for thinking to spend 50 lakh rupees and buying a marriage hall. Ram tries to convince her that they need not book a marriage hall again for their kids marriages. Priya scolds and him and leaves. Ram will be confused whether she has agreed or not to buy the marriage hall. Later, sammy finds khush near the car and asks him whether he is going on a date with suhani. But khush says its not like that. Sammy asks khush whether they both are in love and khush replies that they are just friends. Sammy thinks of knowing the truth and confuses why suhani was lying about their relation.