Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 15th January 2014 Written Update

Neha comes to sammy and says pihu will be his right partner and he will be very happy with her. Priya comes there and asks sammy whether he and suhani had a relation before the engagement with pihu. Sammy agrees that he used to have a relation with suhani. Neha says it might be just a affair. Priya says the affair was so good that suhani got pregnant. Sammy wonders and rushes to suhani. Juhi comes to pihu's room and says pihu, because of suhani priya left her engagement and went behind suhani. Juhi again says priya might give more importance to suhani than her. Pihu says juhi is jealous and she is trying to poisoning her mind against priya as she has more importance than her. Pihu leaves angrily. 

Priya - neha comes back to the men. Priya says neha that sammy will reveal the truth to everyone. Pihu comes there and thanks priya for giving sammy. Here Sammy comes to suhani where khush will be pacifying suhani. Sammy blames khush that suhani is pregnant with khush's baby. Sammy and khush has an argument. Suhani defends khush so sammy thinks suhani is blaming him for khush's baby. Sammy leaves angrily. Sammy comes back to priya and everyone and says he and suhani had an affair. Priya says ram that suhani is pregnant with sammy's baby. Everyone shocks. Sammy yells again that he loved her but she has cheated me. Cady says suhani was with khush. Priya and neha wonders how she was cheating everyone. Cady says she was saving everyone's relation. Sammy says he cant take stand of suhani as she was been cheating him. Sammy once again yells that suhani is blaming him for someone else's child. Priya scolds sammy for talking rubbish. Ram says vikram to take away sammy before he hits him. Shergill's family leaves. Pihu gets hyper that no one has asked her decision before coming to some conclusion. Pihu leaves angrily.

At the car parking, vikram denies to come with them to home as he is frustrated with sammy's thinking. Vikram says he feels very disappointed as his child has a very low impression about women. And he cant separate sammy from his family as neha will be hurt. Vikram says sammy is a grown up guy and he cant bear him any more with his awful behavior. Vikram leaves in a cab. Rahul takes everyone home. 

Pihu will be crying in her room locked. Ram asks pihu to come out and talk to him but pihu denies. Priya says ram to leave her alone for a while. Juhi comes there with a milkshake and asks to open the door. Pihu opens the door and says juhi that she isnt interested to talk to anyone else and she would take care of herself. Pihu asks juhi to come in and locks the door. Ram priya leaves. Inside, pihu says sorry that she has ignored her many days. Juhi says she loves her a lot and she knows the pain of losing love. So she would definitely give a stand to her. 

In ram's room, priya explains ram that they would console pihu later and let she cry with juhi. And as a team they will work hard to convince her. If she marries sammy then pihu wouldnt be happy as sammy loves suhani. That might hurt her now but after few months she will be okay.