Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th January 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki - gopi - rashi waiting for dhaval. Gopi finds someone moving towards tripti's room. So 3 ladies rush upstairs to record the matter. Here kinjal goes to modi bhawan. Dhaval finds no one near the entrance so he thinks of going upstairs from the pipe. Rashi assures koki that they both will record the truth from tripti. The ladies think of keeping tripti in her room only if not she will not be scared. Dhaval enters into tripti's room with a mask on his face. Tripti gets scared of him. Later 2 other men enter into tripti's room and all 3 start scaring her. Hetal - madhu - and other ladies who are near mandir listen tripti screaming and walk towards upstairs but kinjal comes there and asks whats happening. Radha hears tripti yelling and thinks of going upstairs but madhu stops her. Koki - gopi - rashi wonder who are these other 2 men who are scaring tripti. Hetal and urmi go upstairs and find 3 men and shocks. Tripti starts saying the truth that day she found that umang was leaving her with her new groom and run away with all the money. So she got angry and in their discussion she pushed him and he fell on a knife. Then he got killed. Tripti begs the 3 men not to kill her as she is his wife. Koki asks rashi to switch on the lights. Radha and everyone rush into tripti's room. All the 3 men open their masks. Its Ahem - jigar - dhaval. Rashi wonders how they got involved in this plan. Ahem says dhaval has called him and told about the plan so they both thought of helping him. Koki says now they have the actual killer before them and she would surrender her before police. Tripti shocks and tries to defend herself. Radha supports tripti . Koki shows the video and remains shocked. Tripti says she isnt umang's wife and they dint cheat them. Koki says she can bring all the families whom umang - tripti has cheated in the past. Radha couldnt believe them. Tripti says radha that they all want to trap her so they are blaming her and save gopi. Koki yells at tripti that she cant bear her anymore. Madhu yells at tripti that they have tried to ruin her children's life. Koki stops her and says tripti will be sent to police station. Koki drags tripti downstairs. Koki asks ahem to call police and asks them to come to modi bhawan. Tripti begs radha to save her. But radha yells how could she marry her husband for money and she was like a fool to believe her. Police arrive there. Koki gives the video recording to police and sends tripti with them. 

In jail, tripti poison's radha's mind that ahem has trapped her so that gopi would be saved.