Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd January 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi asks radha to put mehendi on her hands. Radha denies but gopi-koki insists to apply. So radha agrees. At rajpal nagar, urmi goes to kinjal's room and loosens nuts of kinjal's bed. Urmi while coming out of the room dashes madhu. Madhu finds 2 nuts slipped from urmi's hands and asks about them but urmi denies knowing about them. Madhu doubts about urmi's behavior. At modi bhawan, radha in washroom washes off her mehendi and thinks of taking revenge on gopi. Here in the hall, mira does susu so ahem takes her to her room to change her frock. Radha comes to the room before ahem. Ahem asks why did she come there. Radha replies that she has come to take cream as she was feeling itchy due to mehendi. Radha takes a cream and leaves. 

Radha comes back to hall, radha asks gopi to allow her to apply mehendi. Gopi denies but radha insists. So she agrees. Ahem comes back with mira. Gopi applies mehendi. In the kitchen, radha pours the harmful powder on the coal and takes the bowl into gopi's room but koki insists them to go to outdoor and have mehendi. Hetal calls kinjal and invites them for the doll's marriage. Here in the outdoor, radha applies mehendi for gopi and burns the coal. Radha leaves once the smoke is out. After a while gopi feels dizzy due to the smoke and faints. Koki comes out to check gopi and finds gopi fainted and yells for everyone. All rush over there and try to wake her up. Finally gopi wakes up. Radha gets nervous and rashi finds this and doubts. Gopi says she was dizzy due to smoke. Koki scolds gopi for over working about the doll's marriage. Rashi says she has a doubt that someone is planning bad for gopi. 

At rajpal nagar, in the night urmi will be thinking whether her plan has worked or not. Madhu wakes up and asks urmi why isnt she sleeping. They hear kinjal's voice and rushes to kinjal's room. Kinjal says their bed has broken as its a old one. Madhu says it was done by urmi. Urmi defends herself that she hasnt done anything. Kinjal as well doubts urmi with madhu's words. Dhaval says he would sleep with jitthu and others. Urmi feels happy about it.