Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 27 January 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th January 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi hears mira's yelling with pain and rushes to the room. Gopi finds mira under the cupboard and yells for koki. Gopi tries to lift the cupboard. Koki comes there and shocks looking at mira. Koki lifts the cupboard and gopi grabs mira in her hands. Hetal and radha as well come there. Radha acts as if she is worried for mira. They take mira to hospital. Later, mira will be in home. Bha will be worried for mira and asks everyone that they would go to their kuldevi temple. Rashi doubts how mira had gone into the store room alone which will be locked all time. Radha determines to kill mira when they go to the temple. 

At rajpal nagar, kinjal acts as if she has headache and forces urmi to give her head massage. Urmi unwillingly does. Hetal calls madhu to invite her to come with them to kuldevi's temple but madhu rejects her as she cant leave kinjal alone. Later, rashi calls urmi and tells about mira and their plan to kuldevi's temple. Urmi says she too would go with them so that she can get escaped from the household works. Radha finds gopi being happy with mira and determines to kill mira anyhow. Rashi will be waiting for urmi in her room. Rashi comes downstairs and tell koki that she wants to change her saree into another saree as she is uncomfortable. Koki agrees to her change. Rashi sends a message to urmi to come soon as they are getting late, which kinjal finds it and doubts where is urmi going. Kinjal acts before madhu that her legs are aching and madhu demands to apply oil on kinjal's legs but urmi denies. Madhu locks the main door from inside. 

Rashi comes downstairs but makes excuses to get late but koki scolds her. Modis start to the temple. Gopi once again tries to tell ahem about her pregnancy but couldnt. Rashi's family in one vehicle and ahem's in another on with radha as well. In the vehicle, mira will be peeping out from the window so radha plans to push her out.