Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th January 2014 Written Update

At the park, radha tries to take mira to the dangerous spot but bha stops her. Ahem will be chatting with gopi and opposite team hits ahem and he gets out. Radha walks towards the dangerous spot and finds the land is slippery over there. Here molu will be crying so bha leaves mira on the bench and walks to him. Radha finds mira alone and goes to her. Radha takes mira to play with her. Rashi and others will be busy playing and radha makes mira to play neat the danger zone. Here bha gets hurts by thorns. So all get worried. 

At rajpal nagar, madhu warns urmi not to torture kinjal if not she would complaint in the police station. Again at the park, radha takes mira to the danger zone and leaves her there alone and asks her to find her (in the play). Gopi finds mira missing and starts searching. Gopi finds mira in the danger zone and rushes there. Radha will be looking at them from behind the tree. Here modis will be happy that they are relaxing all together in the park. Koki doubts why gopi is missing. Gopi grabs mira and holds in arms. Radha gets worried that her plan has got flopped. She throws a stone on gopi's way. Gopi steps on the stone and slips. Koki and ahem goes to find gopi. Gopi slips and mira falls into water. Koki-gopi-ahem yells for mira. All others also rush towards the danger zone. Ahem jumps into water and searches for mira. Bha gets fainted looking this. Parag calls police. Koki asks jigar to take bha and leave home. From the other way gopi and others go near the water. Ahem keeps on searching for mira. Rashi calls dhaval for his help. Dhaval assures that he would send kinjal-urmi to modi bhawan and reach there to help them. Dhaval calls kinjal and tells about mira and to go to modi bhawan. Kinjal-madhu gets upset. Swimmers and police reach the water spot. 

In the night, swimmers say modis that they couldnt find mira.