Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 3 January 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd January 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, radha gets hyper looking at gopi and yells that she is a murderer and they should arrest her. Radha tries to kill gopi. Koki also gets hyper and scolds radha for her misunderstanding. Ahem defends gopi and yells at radha to leave modi bhawan. But radha says she and tripti wouldnt leave modi bhawan. But ahem again yells to leave. Koki says everyone that tripti - radha will stay in their house till they wish. Tripti - radha leave from there. Urmi - madhu as well leaves. 

Rashi in her room will be upset. Jigar comes there and says she shouldnt do something which can create problems for gopi. Jigar says when they were searching in the room they found a jhumka. Rashi thinks of talking to koki later as she is angry now. At rajpal nagar, madhu and urmi come home. Urmi will be worried about her jhumka. Urmi suddenly disappears from there.

Urmi in a burka comes to modi bhawan secretly. She finds the window of umang's room is closed. Urmi finds the pipe and thinks of going upstairs using this pipe only. Here ahem - koki will be discussing about radha sending out of modi bhawan. Koki explains ahem to support radha as she has become a widow and if she finds out that umang was a cheater then she would commit suicide. Ahem agrees. Koki asks ahem to take care of gopi - mira. Urmi finally reaches umang's room.

Koki will be thinking hard in her room. Urmi searches for her jhumka in the room and gets worried as she couldnt find it. Again urmi gets downstairs through the pipe but falls and makes sound. Koki hears the voice and doubts who was that. Urmi finds lights has switched on and rushes out. Koki finds a person's shadow and doubts who might be in this late night. Koki rushes but urmi leaves. Koki comes out and finds the flower pot broken and umang's room window was open. Koki thinks it was the murderer who has come to destroy all the evidence. 

Urmi comes back to her home. Madhu asks where did she go but urmi denies to answer and walks into her room. Urmi thinks destroying her another jhumka then there will be no evidence remained. Urmi takes her jhumka and goes outside. Urmi hides it in a flower pot, madhu observes this from upstairs. Urmi comes back and madhu goes to the flower pot and takes the jhumka. Madhu doubts why urmi has hid it in the flower pot. Madhu calls koki and informs her about urmi's odd behavior and hiding jhumka in the flower pot. Koki shocks. Koki asks madhu to bring the jhumka to modi bhawan next morning.

Next day, rashi thinks of asking koki about the jhumka. Madhu comes to modi bhawan where all modis present. Madhu shows the jhumka which urmi has hid in the flower pot. Koki finds the jhumkas are similar. Rashi shocks hearing this. Koki says urmi has murdered umang. Rashi tries to defend urmi but koki doesnt believe her. 

At rajpal nagar, urmi finds her jhumka is missing from the flower pot and gets tensed. Here koki says urmi has come to modi bhawan to take away her jhumka from the room and urmi's leg got hurt while rushing out. Everyone wonder why urmi has murdered umang. Koki calls kinjal and asks to bring urmi along with her to modi bhawan. Koki says rashi that gopi was saving urmi. 

Koki shows urmi her jhumka and asks why she has murdered umang.