Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th January 2014 Written Update

At rajpal nagar, madhu blames urmi that she has murdered umang. But urmi denies and says its gopi who has murdered umang. In dhawal's room, dhawal apologizes kinjal for trying to save the killer. Kinjal asks why he was trying to save the killer. Here in modi bhawan, in the night when everyone are sleeping, Gopi goes to koki's room and checks the wardrobes. She finds the finger prints and tries to tear a finger print. But koki switches on the lights and gopi gets worried and tensed. Koki walks to gopi and takes the finger print paper and finds its kinjal's finger prints. Rashi comes there. Koki says so she was saving kinjal till now. Koki says gopi that rashi and herself has planned this finger prints plan so that gopi will definitely try to destroy them, then they can know the real killer. Koki asks gopi to explain her what has happened on that day. Gopi starts saying, that day she has found kinjal coming out from umang's room angrily & crying. So she thought umang has troubled kinjal again. Gopi went to umang's room and scolded him. When she reached near by to umang she found a knife in umang's body. Gopi gets tensed and thought to save kinjal so she has taken the blame. Rashi feels bad that till now everyone were blaming her mother but actual killer was kinjal. Koki says she dint differentiate between a daughter and daughter-in law but she has to be strong now. Koki decides that kinjal has killed umang so she has to be punished. So koki decides to tell everything to police. Gopi pleads koki not to prove it and she wants to save kinjal. But koki denies. Gopi takes a promise from koki that she wouldnt reveal this truth before anyone. Koki agrees as she needs strength to bear the pain and says she would tell this truth to everyone in her family next day. Koki sends gopi with rashi. While closing the door koki finds tripti running away from her room. Koki suspects. Rashi calls urmi and tells her that kinjal was the real murderer. Urmi will be worried that kinjal hates her and she may murder her. 

In the night, urmi comes to kitchen where kinjal will be searching for a knife and thinks of finish off the work today (actually kinjal was thinking to cut the mosquito net). Urmi will be tensed that kinjal might kill her. Kinjal leaves. At modi bhawan, gopi pleads koki not to reveal the truth and she would save kinjal. But koki declines. Rashi supports koki. Rashi scolds gopi why she is very eager to go to jail, and they were planning to help her. Radha records this and tells the ladies that she would reveal this truth to police. Here urmi will be worried that kinjal might kill her. 

Radha goes to the window and calls the police to come in. But rashi drags her leg and makes radha fall. The mobile in radha's hand falls down and breaks.