Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bade Acche Lagte hain 11th February 2014 Written Update

At kapoor mansion, ram calls priya and thinks of asking her about the deal. But thinks it doesnt look good and asks her to come early to office. Priya agrees. Priya thinks ram wants to talk something personal. Next day, ram will be yelling at all the staff except priya that someone has leaked about the deal. The manager says ram that only him and priya know about the deal and only she can do it for money. One of the lady staff supports priya but manager says for money she may plan. Ram angrily asks for priya and walks off into his room. Priya gets late and comes into office. The female workers warn priya not to meet ram as someone has leaked the information about the deal and now ram is doubting her now. Priya thinks she was a fool thinking that ram wanted to talk some thing personal. 

In ram's room, ram will be thinking that priya cannot do it. Vikram calls ram and asks him whether he should someone to catch the culprit. But ram rejects and asks him to wait for a while. Here vikram doubts why ram is behaving so protective about his lady employee and he should find it. Cady-ridhima finds vikram behaving weird and think he is missing neha. Cady asks what was the reason behind his weird behavior, vikram says her that ram might be liking his lady employee as he had missed a deal and the main doubt is on that lady employee but he is defending her. Cady says ram cant cheat on priya. Vikram asks sammy-pihu and leaves. Even cady doubts whether ram is cheating on priya or vikram is misunderstanding. Ram thinks of protecting priya by checking her laptop by himself as he cannot protect her directly. 

At canteen, priya will be thinking deeply and her colleagues asks her to chill as ram doesnt like her and he is taking this as a chance and wants to fire her. Priya feels bad that she couldnt stay with ram but her fate is making her far from her. Priya strongly believes that ram cannot doubt her. Priya thinks of finishing her work than to waste her time in canteen. 

In pihu's room, she finds a package and a card on her bed. She checks it and finds sammy's message in it asking her to wear a dress and check the cupboard and find for one more surprise. Pihu will be so excited that she opens the cupboard and sammy jumps outside. Sammy finds pihu isnt wearing his gift dress and asks whether she dint like it. Pihu hugs him and says she cant believe it. Cady and  comes there. Ridhima makes fun of pihu that she is blushing. Cady couldnt feel happy looking at sammy but congratulates him. Sammy asks pihu to get ready for dinner and leaves. 

At priya's office, priya comes back into her room. Priya finds ram checking her mails. Priya feels hurt that he dint believe her and was checking her mails. Ram tries to explain but priya leaves angrily. Priya in canteen, crying she will be thinking that she was giving support to ram but every time he had hurt her. But she cant let him this time.