Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th February 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, tolu-molu rush into their garden and keep all the water pipes inside their house. Meeti unknowingly switches on the water pumps. Rashi and hetal get wet with the water. Rashi and hetal yells for meeti to off the pipes. Meeti says she doesnt know how the pipes are in. Rashi doubts tolu-molu and rushes out and finds the kids in the garden. Rashi tries to catch them but they run into their room and lock it. Rashi and jigar bang their door to open it. Tolu finds radha's mobile inside their room and calls police station. Tolu says the police that their parents are torturing them and hitting them badly. Police says they will come to their home and hangs on. When police arrive, tolu-molu comes out of their room and rush into the hall. Rashi and jigar starts scolding and hitting them. Police find this and says their kids have called police station and said they are being tortured by their parents and it was true. Rashi-jigar-koki-hetal try to explain them but police asks them to come to police station. Bha-hetal-koki start to police station along with jigar-rashi. Only radha and tolu-molu remain at home. After the elders leave, the cylinder agency sends a new cylinder. Radha asks him to keep it inside. Radha says cylinder is dangerous before tolu-molu. Tolu-molu think of doing some damaka in the house. Tolu-molu feels happy that they can have fun in the home. They start playing cricket inside, they break few flower vase so radha scolds them. Tolu-molu say radha that she isnt their mom-dad or their teacher so she cannot scold them. The kids push away radha and asks her to leave the house. Radha angrily leaves home. The kids lock the main door. The kids open the cylinder knobs and think of burning but doesnt find the matches. Here at gopi's place, gopi will be feeling bad that something bad gonna happen. So she prays khana ji to help her family. Savitha who was passing by from modi bhawan smells the gas leakage and calls hetal that their main door is locked from inside and gas is leaking from their home. Hetal shocks.