Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th February 2014 Written Update

                                                                 Tolu-molu safe now :)

At modi bhawan, savitha calls hetal and informs about the gas leakage in their home. All get worried listening this. Rashi prays khana ji to save her kids. Ahem take the mobile and tells savitha to switch off the main switch so that there will be no blast. Police agrees for leaving. All reach home. Ahem opens all the doors. Hetal rushes to switch off the gas. Jigar finds tolu-molu near mandir and rushes to them. Gopi will be praying khana ji. Jigar yells for ahem. Rashi rushes to the kids. Both try to wake them up. Ahem calls the doctor. Later, doc checks the kids and tells they are out of danger and they got fainted because of gas. Doc gives medicines and leaves. Radha comes in slowly. Hetal scolds her for leaving kids alone. Radha says the kids have pushed them out so she went to temple. 

Hetal in tears thanks savitha for saving their kids. Kids wake up slowly. Jigar-rashi will be happy looking them. Savitha leaves. Ahem says the kids have crossed all the limits with this incident. Ahem says he wanna talk to everyone for a moment. So all walk into hall. Ahem says everyone to send the kids to hostel. Rashi-jigar-hetal will be worried. Kids listen from upstairs. Hetal explains ahem that they are too young for the kids to keep them in hostel. Hetal asks koki to suggest, but she says kids parents should think about it and leaves from there. Rashi-jigar agrees for the suggestion. Ahem says he would check out for good hostels. Urmi denies for their decision but ahem asks her not to interfere in it. So urmi leaves from there. 

At urmi's mansion, urmi will be angry that tolu-molu will be sent to hostel. Kinjal thinks of sending pappu too to the hostel. Kinjal says pappu has to become rough and find new friends. Kinjal asks urmi to pay pappu's hostel fee. Urmi denies. Kinjal blackmails urmi that if she doesnt give her money then she would talk to koki about the money she has dragged through rashi. Finally urmi agrees. 

At gopi's place, gopi-vidya in market, vidya finds valentines day posters and asks about the occasion. Gopi explains vidya that we can give rose flowers to the ones we love. Vidya says they should exchange flowers with each other as they have no one to love. Ahem calls chawla and says he would bring their kids to hostel. Chawla agrees and tells gopi to take care of the kids. Kinjal-dhawal comes there and tells him to send pappu along with tolu-molu. 

At modi bhawan, rashi will be packing tolu-molu's clothes and will be very upset. Jigar comes there and gives a rose and wishes him about valentines day. Rashi will be angry that jigar isnt taking responsibility about their kids.