Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th February 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, tolu-molu makes their room mess. Radha comes there and scolds them. Tolu-molu say radha that they can be happy after going to hostel without radha. Radha calmly leaves from there. Tolu finds a picture of his drawn in his book by his friends. Tolu-molu feel bad about their names and thinks of seeking urmi's help to change them. If not in the hostel as well they will be teased. At urmi's home, Pappu feels bad for leaving his parents and go to hostel though he is well behaved. Urmi finds pappu crying and acts angry with kinjal and asks her not to send him to hostel. Kinjal says urmi that she is much worried about money she has to spend on him. Urmi becomes calm. Tolu-molu call urmi and asks her to help them in changing their names as they are so old fashioned. Urmi assures to help them. Later urmi calls rashi and asks her not to send tolu-molu to hostel. Rashi denies and says if kids arent here then she has lots of time to search a girl for ahem and marry him.

At gopi's school, gopi will be teaching her children how to make flowers with papers. Gopi asks children to give these flowers to their loved ones. Gopi remembers ahem wishing her about valentines day. Children wish her about valentines day. Gopi dreams ahem wishing her and kissing her, after realizing its a dream she feels bad. 

At modi bhawan, ahem will be talking to his colleague on mobile. Ahem gets angry and yells at him when he says he needs leave as its a valentines day after his marriage. At urmi's house, pappu will be angry with kinjal-dhawal as they are sending him to hostel. Urmi will be angry with kinjal-dhawal. At gopi's place, gopi will be sad and there vidya comes. Vidya wishes gopi about valentines day and says she wants to wish someone else as well. 

At modi bhawan, bha-hetal will be worried about tolu-molu. Koki comes there and tells them that she wants to remarry ahem and give him happiness. Hetal consoles her. Tolu-molu comes to rashi's room and finds their luggage has been packed. The kids will be worried that urmi hasnt come yet. Rashi-jigar bring luggage of tolu-molu and kinjal-dhawal come along with pappu's. Urmi says rashi to change tolu-molu's names as they are old fashioned.