Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2014 Written Update

At urmi's place, kinjal will be upset about pappu. Dhawal consoles her. At modi bhawan, rashi calls urmi and tells she is feeling happy as she has less work now but unhappy as she too is missing her kids. Rashi finds all the things as mess and walks to her room. Rashi scolds radha for making her kid's room as a mess. Rashi also says that she is a servant in modi bhawan and she can never become a member of the house. Rashi leaves angrily. Radha determines herself to become the owner of modi bhawan and teach a lesson to rashi. 

At gopi's school, pappu-vidya finds tolu-molu in the ground, pappu will be tensed that they may trouble him but vidya says he should be brave and walks on. Tolu pushes vidya, so vidya rushes tolu and paints on him. Tolu-molu-vidya start fighting. Gopi comes there and stops the kids. Vidya complaints gopi about tolu-molu. Gopi demands to say sorry to each other. Gopi asks everyone to get fresh up.

At modi bhawan, rashi calls urmi and asks her to get only 12 girls to check for ahem. Koki asks rashi to find a good girl who can mingle in their family. Rashi assures koki that she will find a good girl. Rashi prays khana ji to send a good villager and a servant. Radha overhears rashi's prayer and determines to do something that modis themselves marry her to ahem. Rashi leaves. 

At gopi's school, vidya-pappu makes competetition with tolu-molu to jump the compound wall. All the 4 kids jump. But there will be a jungle other side. Some attender at school finds the kids jumping the compound wall and calls them but the kids run inside.

At modi bhawan, radha finds koki coming downstairs and meeti going out to dry the clothes, radha goes to meeti and tells her not to mix up white clothes & colored clothes as koki does. And again asks meeti to clean ahem's room daily. 

Rashi brings a girl named nupur to modi bhawan to remarry ahem.