Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th February 2014 Written Update

At urmi's mansion, rashi interviews a lady but she will be rejected as rashi feels the lady is very intelligent. At gopi's school, after pledge, gopi will be taking class and finds the kids missing and thinks of finding them. Here the 4 kids have a bet to go inside the jungle and rush inside. At modi bhawan, radha will be packing her clothes, hetal finds this and asks her. Radha says now there is no meaning to stay in modi bhawan as tolu-molu(Samar-sahil) have gone to hostel. Meeti comes there and tells that she has cleaned ahem's room. Radha starts acting that she is much worried for ahem and says meeti that they can take care of ahem's things atleast. Radha and meeti leaves. Hetal remains thinking. Radha wishes hetal should understand her inner thoughts at least. 

In the jungle, all kids will be running inside. Gopi inquires about the kids with other teachers. Pappu requests others to return to the school but molu pushes him away. Vidya gets angry and pushes molu. All the 3 kids starts fighting and then again they start running inside. At urmi's mansion, rashi selects nupur who is just passed 10th and looks very innocent. Rashi says she will take her to modi bhawan. At hostel, rashi misses tolu-molu and calls to the hostel. Attender comes to gopi and says that vidya has jumped out of the compound wall along with tolu-molu and pappu. Gopi takes 2 security guards and rush inside the jungle. Here the kids fall in a pit. Gopi yells for vidya. Gopi gets worried for the kids. Gopi remembers mira falling in the water and feels bad that she might lose vidya as well. Tolu-molu try to climb up but all remain failed. Pappu asks everyone to be together and help each other to get out of the pit. Vidya asks tolu-molu to be the last to come out. Vidya climbs on tolu-molu and goes out. Vidya rushes single, so tolu-molu scold pappu for giving such a stupid idea. Gopi finds vidya. Vidya takes gopi to the pit to help other kids. 

At modi bhawan, bha and hetal thinks radha might be the right choice to ahem. Rashi comes there with nupur to introduce her to them. Rashi introduces nupur to all. Meeti finds rashi's necklace is missing and tells her. All the ladies find some jewelry is missing on them. Nupur tries to rush out but rashi catches her and takes away the jewelry. Koki leaves from there. Hetal warns rashi not to take any responsibility when cant handle it. 

Hostel principal scolds tolu-molu for crossing the rules and asks them to leave the school.