Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th February 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, hetal tries to explain rashi that it isnt easy to take responsibilities but rashi gets upset and leaves away from there. Hetal and bha feel bad that who is that lady who can fill happiness in ahem's life. Radha hears this and stands infront of them. At jungle, gopi finds the kids in the pit and helps them to come out. After coming out of the pit, gopi scolds the kids that it was very dangerous to go in the jungle. Tolu blames vidya that it was her fault. Gopi scolds vidya. Tolu-molu hug gopi and apologizes her. All the kids say sorry. But gopi asks the kids to promise her that they will never repeat this again and the kids promise. At school, principal scolds the kids. Principal says tolu-molu that she would call their parents and send them away. Gopi defends the kids. All the kids go to their room. Tolu-molu feel stressed due to running. Gopi comes there and gives them turmeric mixed in the milk. The kids feel happy that gopi is supporting them. 

At modi bhawan, rashi calls meeti and asks her to dry the mirchi but radha stops her and asks meeti to clean ahem's room. But rashi insists meeti to dry the mirchi. Hetal comes there, hears to the ladies and asks rashi to wait for a while and asks meeti to clean ahem's room first. Rashi gets pissed off, while radha will be happy. Rashi gets a call from urmi and asks about tolu-molu. But rashi complaints urmi that radha is demanding her now. Urmi consoles rashi and says she would speed up her work.

At hostel, tolu-molu warns pappu that they will be going home but when he comes home during holidays then they would take revenge on him. Pappu gets afraid and rushes to vidya, but she leaves pappu and walks off. Gopi goes to principal and pleads her to forgive the kids. But principal denies. Principal calls rashi and complaints about tolu-molu and asks her to take away the kids back. Rashi says about kids to hetal. 

At ahem's room, radha brings green tea for ahem. Radha says ahem that she has asked meeti to clean his room. But ahem yells at radha not to come in his room and take away tea as well. Koki passes by and finds this. Radha leaves the room. Koki asks ahem to remember about his family as well other than work. Koki says she would bring hot water for him but radha comes there with hot water for ahem.