Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 21 February 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st February 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, ahem rejects radha for applying the hot water cloth. Ahem says he will take tablets. Koki asks ahem not to take any tablets without doctor's prescription. Radha says she has called the doctor also. Radha leaves. Koki remains thinking. At hostel, vidya will be watching kids playing, gopi comes there and asks her to go for lunch with pappu as he is waiting for her. Vidya rejects going there. Gopi says principal has declared not to send pappu back home. Vidya feels happy. Gopi asks vidya to be friendly with tolu-molu as well. Vidya denies it. Gopi explains vidya that though the kids doesnt love her she should be good with them and their parents will be coming to the hostel to take them back. Vidya nods. 

At modi bhawan, jigar asks rashi to get ready soon as they need to travel for 3 hours. Koki comes there and asks about kids. Rashi tells her that principal asks them to take away the kids. Rashi-jigar leaves. Hetal-bha feels happy that kids are safe and they are coming back home again. Radha brings kaada and asks koki to give ahem. Radha finds no reaction in the ladies so she thinks of planning something big to make them convinced about ahem's marriage. 

Rashi-jigar in the car, urmi calls rashi. Rashi says urmi that they are going to hostel as there is a complaint on them and coming back home. Urmi asks rashi not to scold them. At urmi's mansion, kinjal taunts urmi that tolu-molu are not good and they are sending back home. Urmi also taunts that pappu is afraid so he remains calm. Kinjal feels happy that there are no complaints against him at least. Urmi gets pissed off. 

At modi bhawan, radha asks hetal to take care of ahem for a while as koki was been with him since long time. Hetal agrees and goes to ahem's room. Hetal insists koki to take rest for a while, so koki leaves. Radha comes there and gives koki's medicines. Radha also says that she has more work to do, she has prepared the grocery list but should go and get them. Koki and hetal will be seen as they are impressed with radha's concern for their family. 

At hostel, gopi feels nervous about her family. Tolu-molu will be feeling bad that they will be leaving the hostel now. Rashi-jigar comes with principal to the kids. Vidya stops them and admits that it was her mistake and explains all the situation. Vidya asks principal to give her punishment but not tolu-molu. Pappu also admits his mistake. Rashi-jigar will be impressed and principal as well. Principal says tolu-molu not to get any complaints in future. Rashi asks principal to give persmission to take them out for ice cream. At ice cream center, jigar-rashi says tolu-molu that nani, bha and dadi are missing them alot. Vidya feels bad. Jigar asks vidya about their family. Vidya says only mom and herself is their family. Gopi will be waiting for vidya. Rashi-jigar brings them back. Vidya rushes back to gopi. Rashi wants to meet gopi but jigar says they shall meet her later. Jigar-rashi says bye to tolu-molu-pappu and leaves. Tolu-molu goes to gopi and asks them to meet their parents. But rashi-jigar leave. 

Koki asks radha to remarry ahem, radha agrees but rashi rejects the proposal.