Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th February 2014 Written Update

At hostel, kids bring the suitcase down from the cupboard. But it will be locked. Tolu asks molu to check whether gopi is coming. Molu goes to their room corridar and gives sign to pappu that they are still in room. Here tolu-vidya search for the keys and open it. Pappu says tolu-molu are sleeping in some other room to frighten him. Gopi asks pappu to come with her and sleep in their room. But pappu makes an excuse that he is a grown up guy and cant sleep with 2 ladies. So gopi says she would make him sleep and sings a song. After pappu sleeps, gopi leaves from there. Molu finds gopi coming out and rushes. While running he dashes with a flower pot and breaks it. Molu rushes back to gopi's room. 

Here tolu-vidya find koki's picture. Tolu asks vidya to search more to find out some more clues. Gopi comes into the corriader and finds the broken flower pot. Molu comes back into gopi's room. Tolu shows the picture to molu. Vidya says khana ji helps everyone and prays him. Tolu asks vidya to check the mandir too. Gopi comes back to their room and the kids hide. But before gopi finds the kids, pappu comes there and asks her to come back and let him sleep. Gopi goes back to pappu's room with pappu. Vidya asks tolu-molu to keep all the things clean and checks the books in mandir. Vidya finds ahem-gopi's marriage picture. But gopi comes back so tolu-molu hide under the bed and vidya gets back on the bed. Gopi finds the suitcase on floor and thinks she has forgotten to keep it back. Gopi keeps the suitcase on cupboard and goes to bed. Vidya will be looking at the picture under the blanket, gopi unknown about this and sleeps. Tolu-molu remains under the bed. 

At modi bhawan, ahem will be working in his room and koki comes there. Koki asks ahem to take rest for a while and from next day his remarriage preparations will be started. Ahem says he would finish up the work and sleep. Koki nods and leaves. Ahem checks mira's picture and feels bad. Ahem checks his marriage picture and again feels bad about gopi. Ahem abruptly closes the wallet.

At hostel in the night, all the kids will be checking ahem-gopi's marriage picture. Tolu-molu wonder when did ahem has married. Pappu says that they might have married when they were kids. Vidya declares that ahem is her father and tolu-molu-pappu are her brothers. 

At modi bhawan, rashi misses her keys and will be searching for them. Radha brings the keys and warns rashi that very soon she will be missing everything. But rashi scolds radha that she is the owner of the house forever. Hetal comes there and says from now they both should take care of modi family. But after hetal leaves rashi warns radha that she wouldnt allow to this marriage happen.