Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th February 2014 Written Update

At hostel mandir, pappu and vidya will be discussing about why vidya hasnt talked to gopi about her father. Vidya replies that she dint get time to ask gopi. Tolu-molu comes there and gives a mobile to vidya and asks her to talk to ahem. Tolu dials ahem's number and asks him to talk to vidya. Ahem agrees. Vidya addresses ahem as ahem ji. Ahem recalls that its similar as gopi calls him. Vidya says she is very happy to talk to him. Vidya says she has found out something in the night. But tolu drags the mobile from vidya and disconnects. Tolu scolds vidya that they cant say anything to ahem as he gets angry very soon. Vidya defends her father that he is very sweet. Tolu doubts gopi was upset as ahem will be very angry with everyone. Tolu-molu say that when their mom has raised gopi's name then koki has scolded them. Tolu doubts koki is very angry with gopi and they need to find out the reason. Their sir comes there and takes away his mobile and scolds the kids not to take his mobile again. At modi bhawan, Hetal asks jigar to bring kids home for ahem's marriage. At hostel mandir, Gopi comes there and vidya hugs her. Vidya says she is so happy today. Gopi says tolu-molu-pappu that they are going home today as they have some function at home. Gopi leaves. Vidya says she wants to meet ahem. Tolu says they will insisit their father to bring ahem along with him. Vidya feels happy that she gonna meet her father.

At modi bhawan, rashi calls urmi and says that she should plan something that they should stop this marriage. After rashi disconnects, urmi asks kinjal whether she wants ahem to get married to radha. Kinjal says ahem's life has got so many twists and turns atleast now his life should be fine with khana ji's blessings. Jigar will be waiting for ahem to go to hostel. Jigar says that tolu-molu wants to bring ahem too as their friend vidya wants to meet him. Koki wonders why ahem has developed love for some one else's child. Ahem comes there and both leave. At gopi's room, vidya asks gopi to get ready as they have to go leave tolu-molu near their parents. Vidya gives a saree and asks her to wear it. As vidya insists gopi agrees to wear it. In jigar's car, ahem-jigar feel that there is some relation feel when they talk to her. Here vidya as well gets ready. Tolu-molu-pappu comes there. 

At modi bhawan, all the ladies will be selecting sarees for radha's marriage but rashi will be waiting for someone. There madhu with urmi and says she cant allow to this marriage. Rashi will be happy looking at madhu. Madhu scolds the ladies that because of them gopi isnt with her and now she cant allow radha to get married to ahem.