Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 28 February 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, madhu says she cannot allow her second daughter's life as well spoil in modi family and blames koki that she has never treated gopi as her daughter and she has treated as just daughter-in-law. Koki feels bad. Radha defends koki and says she has agreed to the marriage and she is willing to become a family member of modis. They have helped her to become normal after umang has died and she feels guilty about the mistakes she has done towards gopi. Koki again says she was trying to call her but it wasnt connecting and she cannot do this marriage without her permission. Radha also pleads madhu to agree for the marriage. Madhu says radha that she is making a blunder mistake and she cannot take back. Madhu leaves angrily from there and koki as well walks off. 

Tolu-molu-pappu find jigar-ahem hasnt come and asks driver whats the matter. Driver gives his mobile and tolu calls jigar. Jigar apologizes tolu saying that some one at office wasnt well so they came to admit him in hospital. Tolu angrily hangs on the call. Gopi comes to tolu and says kids should respect elders and never talk harshly with them. Vidya gets upset and starts crying. Pappu promises vidya that they will plan a big surprise for her later. Gopi asks vidya not to cry and asks why is she crying where tolu-molu are fine. Vidya says gopi that she wanna say something. But tolu-molu stops her. Tolu-molu-pappu takes vidya aside and explains her that they will bring ahem one day and give gopi a big surprise. Vidya agres. The kids leave. 

Kids happily reach home. All the elders will be happy. Rashi will be waiting to hug them but the kids rush to bha and touch her feet to take blessings. Kids take blessings from all the elders. All of them will be surprised with their behavior. Kinjal wonders as pappu is with tolu-molu. Tolu-molu says they all are friends now. Kids say everyone is because of their pari (gopi) teacher. Kids say that they have changed now. Kids asks why they have called them here. Koki says ahem is marrying radha. Kids get upset. Pappu say loudly that this marriage shouldnt happen. All 3 kids say together that they disagree to the marriage. Urmi supports the kids. But hetal defends that they are just kids and they shouldnt bother. Even kinjal-rashi argue about this. Kinjal leaves. 

Ahem says kids that he would talk to vidya but tolu-molu asks ahem to promise that he wouldnt marry radha.