Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 3 March 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd March 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, hetal scolds tolu-molu for troubling radha. Koki asks rashi to take away the kids into their room. Hetal asks rashi to control her kids before they get into some trouble. At hostel, vidya will be waiting for a phone call at the reception. Again at modi bhawan, rashi asks kids not to think much about ahem's marriage. Rashi says tolu-molu that ahem has already married but they doesnt know where gopi is and she wishes gopi to come back. Tolu-molu tries telling rashi about gopi but rashi doesnt feel interested about the matter and leaves from there. Tolu-molu think that gopi is ahem's wife and vidya is their only kid. Tolu-molu decide not to call vidya as they have to tell about ahem's marriage and she would start investigating about that matter. Vidya waits for tolu-molu to call her, in the evening she calls ahem. Vidya calls ahem as pa and again ahem ji, ahem remembers mira-gopi calling him. Vidya asks ahem why he hasnt come to hostel, ahem apologizes. And ahem promises vidya that he would definitely come to meet her. Ahem finds radha coming so he hangs on the call. Radha offers tea to ahem but he rejects and leaves.

Tolu-molu calls hostel and talks to vidya. Tolu-molu promises vidya that they will plan some thing to let her meet ahem. Gopi comes there and talks to tolu-molu. Tolu says they have some problem in their family. Gopi says to be strong as family is the strength of any one. Gopi hangs on the call. At urmi bhawan, madhu will be upset as radha is getting married to ahem. Urmi comes there and taunts madhu that her daughters are unlucky. Madhu gets hyper and says after gopi has left modi bhawan, rashi has overtaken the house and she is passing money to her mother. Urmi feels insulted and leaves from there. Jitthu asks madhu not to think much about urmi's words. 

At modi bhawan, tolu-molu asks everyone that they need to talk to them. Tolu-molu says ahem that they know about gopi and they have a daughter too. Everyone are shocked listening this. The kids ask ahem not to marry radha. Hetal yells for rashi and rashi comes there. Hetal asks rashi why she is planning so awful plans to stop radha's marriage. Hetal asks rashi whether she has told kids about gopi. Rashi tries to defend but hetal scolds rashi. Radha says she wouldnt marry ahem if kids doesnt like her. Hetal warns rashi that no problem should arise now to stop ahem-radha's marriage. All the kids pray khana ji to make their family one. 

Tolu-molu will be saying mira that they want ahem to meet pari teacher to complete their family.