Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 3 March 2014

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 3rd March 2014 Written Update

At Delhi, priya recalls ram rejecting to take another room and feels happy. But here ram gets annoyed that priya is ignoring him very badly so he would only concentrate on official matters only now. Priya thinks of vikram calling her and telling about ram's affair. Priya calls vikram and asks about the affair. Vikram says priya that she is ram's assistant and has gone to Delhi as well. Priya feels very happy and hangs on the call. Priya feels happy that ram was lying with vikram about her and thinks of pacifying ram any how. Suhani calls priya and asks about how she is. Priya says everything going very well. Suhani hangs on the call without allowing khush to talk to her. Priya calls the hotel reception and confirms ram's new room number. 

At khush's place, khush will be very angry with suhani. Suhani tries to console him. Khush yells at suhani that he has missed the chance to watch the movie premiere, so suhani apologizes and promises him that she would watch the movie with him. Khush feels happy and agrees. At the hotel, pihu check-in's in the same hotel in which ram-priya are. Pihu books a single cot room. Sammy will be in the airport booking tickets to Kashmir. Priya thinks of surprising ram but again thinks of calling him once as he is very angry with her. 

Ram calls the hotel reception and tells priya's room telephone isnt working. Mechanic comes to priya's room and repairs it. Priya wonders who has told them that the telephone isnt working. After the mechanic leaves, ram calls priya and tells to prepare some reports. Priya says she would come to his room and work together. But ram denies. Priya thinks of working on the reports first. 

At shergill's house, cady comes to vikram and asks him whether he was thinking about ram-priya. Cady says vikram not to worry about the couple as they are meant to be together. Vikram will be emotional that ram hasnt stopped priya while leaving because of his ego and 3 months have passed away and they arent together yet. Cady tries to console him but vikram will be upset as ram is having an affair at office because priya isnt with him. 

At hotel, priya will be working on the reports. But she will be very hungry and thinks of finishing it soon. Ram will be in the restaurant and lights will be off. Pihu as well comes there and priya also comes. The management announces that some couple has requested them to switch off the lights and all will be having candle light dinner. Ram gets pissed off. Priya requests a waiter to show a table, he gives the same table of ram's. Here pihu will be waiting for sammy. Maira calls pihu and asks about how is she enjoying in Kashmir. Pihu says due to bad weather conditions they got off in Delhi and staying in some hotel.