Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 3 March 2014

Balika Vadhu 3rd March 2014 Written Update

At badi haveli, dadi sa consoles ganga as she will be worried about mannu's blood reports. Ganga reads the news about vivek kabra that he went against his own brother who raped a girl. Dadi sa and ganga remember that he is one who had taken saanchi-jagya's case in past. Dadi sa and ganga feel happy that he has supported a girl by going against his brother. Dadi sa feels sympathy for that girl who got cheated. 

At shekar's mansion, 2 ladies come into the bunglow and asks for few flowers to mali kaka. He gives. The ladies asks him that the victim of recent rape case was saanchi. Mali kaka scolds him and sends them away. Saanchi overhears their conversation and apologizes mali kaka for supporting her. Mali kaka says he treats her as his daughter and he would support her all time. Saanchi feels guilty that she has misbehaved with mali kaka but he has supported her now. Saanchi walks into home. All will be worried about her. Saanchi replies that she went to temple and stayed for a long time to have some peace. All feel happy that saanchi has changed. 

At badi haveli, jagya will be upset looking at the blood reports of mannu that he is suffering with leukemia. Ganga comes there and sends mannu downstairs saying nandu is waiting to play with him. Mannu walks out. Ganga tells jagya about vivek kabra's case. Ganga says jagya that they should appreciate him. So jagya calls him and appreciates. Vivek kabra tells jagya that saanchi was right this time and she has changed. Jagya gets shocked and hangs on the call. Jagya tells ganga that saachi was the rape victim. Ganga also shocks. Ganga asks jagya to call saachi and console her. Jagya calls saachi and says he is very proud of her by filing case against the culprit who has cheated her and apologizes her as he was rude with her when she was apologizing him and ganga. Saachi thanks him for supporting her. Ganga as well appreciates saachi and assures that she will be with her whenever she needs help from them. Saachi thanks them and hangs on the call.

Later, saachi will be arranging her bed on floor, anandi comes there. Saachi says anandi that she wants to penance for all her mistakes by sleeping on floor.