Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th March 2014 Written Update

At hostel, vidya says tolu-molu would call her so she insists not to have breakfast and wanna rush to school. Gopi couldnt say no and allows vidya to leave. At modi bhawan, tolu-molu will be having milk. Hetal comes there and tells rashi that they should go to mandir to start the wedding preparations. Tolu-molu gets worried. Hetal calls kinjal and invites her to mandir. At mandir, mira asks pundit to bless her to give back her family. Modis arrive mandir. Mira comes downstairs and koki-ahem will be standing downstairs, Mira passes by them. Tolu-molu will be worried about vidya who is waiting for her father and here ahem is marrying someone else. Here hetal asks ahem-koki to come inside the mandir. But both denies to enter. Radha finds ahem-koki out and thinks of bringing them in anyhow. Rashi says radha that she cant bring koki-ahem inside the mandir though she does anything. After pooja, all the 3 kids rush out. Ahem says bye to koki and wants to leave to office, but kinjal stops him and asks whether he is happy about the marriage. 

The 3 kids will be discussing how to stop the marriage. Mira comes there and tolu-molu introduces mira to pappu. Mira asks why they were worried about. Pappu explains her. Here ahem says kinjal that he is getting married only for koki's happiness and leaves. Mira explains kids that in Ramayan also ram-sita gets departed so their kids lav-khush again unite them. In the same way they are helping ahem and pari miss to unite. Ahem comes there and asks whom they want to unite with him. Radha finds ahem near kids and gets tensed. Ahem looks at mira and recalls that he has met her. But mira runs away from there. Tolu-molu say ahem that they were casually talking, so he leaves. Kids feel happy that mira has given them a good idea to unite ahem-gopi.

At hostel, vidya will be in lunch room, But she will be upset without having food. Gopi comes there and feeds vidya. Gopi asks vidya why is she upset. Vidya thinks bad that she couldnt share the actual reason with gopi. At mandir, pundit gives a date for marriage. Bha says everyone that they will go to urmi's place and invite madhu. Radha will be worried about it but the elders explain radha that she will be happy when she finds her happy in modi bhawan. Radha agrees. Rashi wishes to stop this marriage anyhow. 

Madhu asks radha why is she marrying ahem when gopi is alive. But radha tells madhu that after mira's death ahem nor modi parivaar will accept her in the family.