Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 10 March 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th March 2014 Written Update

Rashi learns gopi is alive and helps kids to unite ahem-gopi again.

At mandir, kids plan to bring ahem outside the mandir and take him into a room. Lock him and let gopi also go into the same room. Tolu sends molu and asks him to do something so that ahem comes out to change his dress. Molu rushes inside the mandir and tries to drop the pooja thali on ahem but rashi stops him. Molu rushes out and rashi follows him. Here gopi finds vidya missing and rushes to find her. Gopi will be yelling for vidya and rashi hears gopi's voice. Rashi doubts whether it was gopi. Rashi follows gopi. Gopi while searching for vidya comes towards the mandir's changing rooms. She finds a room open and thinks vidya might have gone inside and walks in. After gopi gets into the room, vidya locks the door. Rashi finds this and recognizes vidya that she is tolu-molu's friend. Before rashi comes to vidya, tolu-molu-pappu comes there and appreciates vidya for completing one step of their plan very well by locking gopi in. Rashi confirms that it was gopi and rushes to the kids. Kids say rashi that gopi was their teacher in school and they were trying to tell to her before but she dint listen to them. Rashi apologizes the kids and say vidya that she is her mom's sister. Vidya hugs rashi happily. Rashi-kids decide to unite gopi-ahem again. Kinjal comes there to take radha to mandir. Rashi sends pappu and asks him to keep kinjal busy for a while so that they can continue their plan. Pappu goes to kinjal and says he wants to go to potty. So kinjal takes him to bathroom. Here tolu-molu go to radha's room and trouble her. The kids rush out and radha also runs behind them. They take her into a store room. Their kids hit her and packs radha in a bag and leaves from there locking the door. After coming out, rashi mixes sleeping pills in vidya's water bottle. Rashi asks vidya to give this water to gopi anyhow. Vidya opens the door in which gopi is locked. Gopi gets worried and asks vidya is she fine. Gopi says some one has locked her in and left. Vidya says gopi that she is very tired and asks her to drink some water. Gopi has some and says vidya that they should leave now as its getting late. before leaving gopi says they would go to temple once and leave. Vidya agrees and comes out of the room along with gopi. Here pundit starts the marriage procedure. Gopi-vidya walks towards mandir. And rashi-kids will be worried that modis might see gopi-vidya. Rashi and kids pray khana ji that he should help them to unite ahem-gopi again.

Ahem puts kumkum in gopi's maang, radha comes there and yells to stop. Modis will be shocked to find gopi as the bride.