Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th March 2014 Written Update

Ahem-Gopi remarried :)

At mandir, while stepping into the mandir gopi gets fainted and rashi grabs her. Rashi thanks khana ji for helping them. Rashi keeps the ghunghat on gopi's face and takes her in. Here in the store room, radha tears up the bag and tries to open. Rashi brings gopi and makes her sit beside ahem. Hetal finds gopi's dress and doubts why she hasnt wore the one which they have purchased. Rashi says from now only radha is doing as her wish and dont know afterwards what she will do. Ahem remembers his marriage with gopi and feels bad. Vidya will be very happy. Bha finds vidya and tolu-molu making signs of success. Radha finally comes out of the bag. Kinjal says pappu that marriage has got started so pappu rushes out. Urmi will be angry with rashi for bringing radha into the mandir herself. Kinjal makes kattbandhan. Radha finds the door locked and comes out through window. Pundit asks the couple to start the phere. Rashi helps in making phere but koki stops her. Rashi says koki that radha isnt feeling well so she is helping her in taking phere. Pundit says there is no problem if rashi helps the bride. Ahem-gopi take phere. Ahem finds vidya and recalls that he has met her in the hostel's mandir. Radha gets cow followed behind her, so she runs far away from the mandir. Here ahem-gopi completes their phere. Again the couple get seated for sindoor. The cow's owner comes and stops the cow. Radha scolds the owner, the owner says there was grass on her dress so the cow was following her. Radha again rushes towards the mandir. Pundit asks ahem to tie the mangalsutra and he does. Pundit asks to fill sindoor, but ahem will be upset to do. Ahem keeps his hand near the maang and radha reaches the mandir and yells to stop the marriage. But ahem leaves the sindoor on gopi's maang. All get shocked looking at radha. They find gopi beside ahem and shocks.  Bha and madhu will be happy to find gopi again. The kids will be worried. Gopi slowly wakes up and finds ahem. 

Koki scolds gopi. But vidya scolds koki for yelling at gopi. Gopi reveals everyone that vidya is ahem-gopi's daughter. Everyone shocks again.