Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 14 March 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th March 2014 Written Update

Ahem-kids leave, koki-hetal-bha and gents also leave. Gopi and madhu take a cab and follow ahem's car. Gopi feels bad that vidya is still a kid and cannot understand what their past was and why she and ahem got seperated. But gopi will be desperate to take back her child. Rashi-urmi-radha will be waiting for jigar's car and urmi-rashi make fun of radha that all her plans got shattered. Kids will be excited of staying together. Vidya will be happy that she too can live with her parents now. Ahem feels bad and remains calm. 

Ahem-koki-kids reach modi bhawan and gopi as well. Ahem asks watchman not to allow anyone into the home and walks inside along with vidya. Tolu-molu invite vidya inside the home after giving aarthi. Gopi will be stopped by the watchman but gopi tries to get in but ahem stops her. Tolu-molu-pappu take vidya to their room. Vidya will be much more excited to see her home. Gopi says ahem that she cannot get separated from her daughter but ahem also will be desperate not to leave the child. Both will be arguing, all others reach home. Koki scolds gopi to leave without vidya and she has no rights to take her. But gopi firmly replies koki that she is vidya's mom and she has all rights. Savitha and others come there, so gopi asks koki to discuss inside the home atleast but koki rejects saying she is an "Outsider". Bha and hetal try to explain koki but she takes them inside that they all are family members and shall discuss inside. Modis walk inside except rashi-urmi. Rashi feels bad for gopi, but urmi explains that if koki comes to know that she has planned the marriage then she would kill her. So rashi asks urmi to leave and walks in. 

In modi bhawan, ahem says koki that woman shouldnt come inside and leaves from there. Hetal tries to explain koki that she should think well about gopi-vidya's relation and accept them. But koki says she will take care of vidya from now on. Radha acts innocent and says bha that she would leave modi bhawan now as of now ahem got married to gopi again and she has no place in this house. 

Koki declares that ahem has taken a right decision to take away vidya from gopi and she will never meet vidya again. Vidya overhears this and starts crying.