Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 17 March 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th March 2014 Written Update

Gopi out of modi bhawan for vidya

On 15th March: (RECAP)
Vidya overhears koki saying that vidya will be with them and will never meet gopi again. She gets worried that she cannot meet her mom and rushes out to find gopi. Vidya goes outside through the other way and gopi will be waiting for her near the gate. Ahem thinks gopi has taken her away. Ahem comes outside and asks gopi about vidya. Gopi-ahem and others start searching for vidya. Vidya comes to mandir and mira consoles crying vidya not to worry and she would definitely find her mom. 

Today's episode:
Pundit calls ahem and informs him that vidya has come to mandir alone. Ahem says pundit not to let her go away from there. Gopi enters the mandir and finds vidya. Both mother-daughter hug and feel happy. Vidya shows mira and says she was taking care of her till now. Gopi hugs both her kids and ahem as well reaches mandir. Ahem as well hugs vidya and feels happy. Ahem asks vidya why she has come away from home and she might harm herself outside. Vidya says mira (gauri) was taking care of her. Ahem finds gauri and remembers that he has met her before. Ahem thanks gauri for taking care of vidya. Gauri says vidya was been protected by khana ji. Gauri leaves from there. But gopi-ahem feels some relation with her. Tolu-molu as well asks vidya why she has left home alone. Gopi takes vidya and about to leave, but ahem stops her. Gopi says ahem that she cannot live without vidya and vidya as well. Ahem-gopi starts arguing about who should take care of vidya. Tolu-molu will be worried for vidya. Jigar as well asks the couple to understand the situation. Suddenly vidya grabs her stomach and starts crying. Her parents rush to vidya and feels tensed for her. The couple leave to modi bhawan along with vidya. 

All elders in modi bhawan will be worried for vidya. Again radha tries to fuel up the anger of koki against gopi. Ahem brings vidya into the house. Ahem asks koki to call doc. Vidya gives a sign to rashi that its their plan. So rashi says everyone that vidya might have not eaten anything since morning so she is feeling pain. While gopi entering the house, koki stops her and says she has no place in the house. Even ahem says gopi not to enter as they dont need her anymore. But vidya says if gopi will be with her then only she will stay in modi bhawan. Rashi says vidya that gopi will not go anywhere. Koki asks ahem to take vidya to his room but vidya cries for gopi. Rashi assures vidya that she will anyhow bring her mom into the home. Ahem takes vidya and goes to his room. Rashi sends her kids as well to their room. Hetal explains koki that vidya has an attachment with gopi so they cant separate them. But koki leaves from there. Hetal asks gopi not to leave from there. Gopi cries and says she will never leave without vidya. 

Hetal-rashi-jigar asks gopi to come inside as koki-ahem has permitted her in. But gopi denies to come inside.